Monochrome with a flash of colour

I have always loved simple black and white with just a flash of a bright colour. That could be bright lips, a neon handbag, a chunky coloured necklace or other coloured accessories.


A whole outfit for £20!

So the other day I needed a quick outfit for a fun but formal dinner. I hadn’t been in Primark for months and as I was walking past I saw some really cute things in there so I went to check it out. I was so surprised by how many really nice things they had. I really loved this coral dress, the colour was fun but the black and white collar made it sophisticated and unique so I thought it was perfect! I used the tie at the back to make a little bow by the collar and I opened the buttons so you could see the black and white because I wanted to showcase the beauty of the dress…if you keep them closed you can only see the white! I scoured the jewellery section and I found the cute ring for just £2 which can be taken apart and made into 5 separate rings. I got the bangle there years ago for £1 and I had never worn it till now but c’mon for a pound u don’t feel bad even just wearing it once. Everyone has a black nail varnish knocking about, I really love Fearne Cotton’s nail varnish’s, they’re available in Boots and if you get the set of 6 they work out to £2 each 🙂 happy days.