Summer Swimwear

We’ve been soaking up the sun at the pool and theres no cuter swimwear then these high waisted bikini’s by

Make sure you snap up the 2 suits for $90 deal with free shipping and be sure to join the mailing list as her stock is pretty low already, next time you will be the first to know!

Neon Accessories

Neon Accessories
My wardrobe has definitely brightened up this season! These are a few of my favourite neon accessories x

Matt Is The New Gloss!

From interior design to fast cars, matt paint has taken the world of design by storm. Matt nail varnishes in greys, mushrooms and nudes were all the rage last season but I love the concept of wearing both Matt and gloss in the same shade. So simple but super effective, here are some great looks you can try at home 🙂

Wise Words from Queen Bey

We all have bad days but Beyonce has a great tip to snap out of it,  “When I’m not feeling my best I ask myself, ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ I use the negativity to fuel the transformation into a better me”

The more we think about whats bothering us, the deeper we slip into a bad mood. Instead step back and realise that such a thought process is only more destructive and rather then wallow in our misery we should think about what we are doing to ourselves. It’s in your hands “What are you gonna do about it?”

Marilyn Monroes Beauty Secrets…

  • Be Yourself!
  • Glamour is not all low-cut gowns and the slinky look. Blue jeans can still make you look attractive.
  • Before you can convince others that you’re attractive, you’ve got to believe it yourself.
  • Enjoy the fact that you’re a woman and men will enjoy it too.
  • Trust your instincts – don’t ask other womens advice on how to dress.
  • Skim the fashion and fan magazines until you find someone thats your type. Then model your clothes on hers.

Written by Marilyn Monroe

Blown Away By Balloon Couture!

In my eyes, Rie Hosokai is one of the most patient women to have ever existed. She uses balloons to create the most fantastic gowns, obviously unable to use a needle she twists and weaves the balloon intricately. On average she uses 2000 balloons for one dress!! Have a little crawl on her website (, honestly I am blown away (excuse the pun)by how she can make such amazing dresses with BALLOONS!!

She wanted the balloon dresses to lift the spirits of her Japanese nation as they struggle in the wake of the terrible Earthquake. She said she wanted to remind people of their childhood dreams.
Despite being an amazing creation the dresses aren’t very practical. It takes hours to make one piece and it only lasts 24 hours as the balloons begin to deflate. The dresses range from 2000-4000 US dollars.
If I had that kinda money to burn I would definitely scoop up one of these dresses to make my debut on the red carpet however for now I’ll wait for Gaga to discover them. I can so imagine her wearing one of these!