Sculpt and Pop Makeover


Katrin has amazing blue eyes and I wanted to make them really stand out or “pop” as we call it in the make-up world. She has a beautiful smile and I wanted to sculpt her cheeks so I did a soft contour as her features are already pretty defined. Its important to always recognize features and face shapes and do what works. A strong contour would make her face look very harsh so I blended a medium brown into the hollows of her cheeks which really drew our her dimples and above that put a peachy blush and highlight to soften it. I slightly contoured her nose and added a highlight down the centre.

Brown eye-shadow really makes blue eyes stand out so I played with bronze tones on her eyes and lined with a brown liner. Since I wanted her eyes to be the focal point of this look I finished with a nude gloss on her lips.

Medium Smoky Makeover

Layan is such a natural beauty that doing makeup on her is always fun! We were pushed for time as it was Graduation day so we did this look in about 25 minutes. She has great skin so I just used a Bobbi Brown tinted BB cream rather then a foundation. I used a Christian Dior foundation to do a very light contour on her cheeks and just frame her face. We decided on a medium smoky eye so I used mostly golds, bronzes and brown shades so that she could have a bright lip. Coral suits her complexion so well, I used a Givenchy liner in shade 11 and then Givenchy gloss interdict in 22. We filled in her eyebrows with an MUA brow palette, remember if your using a powder filler brush some Vaseline onto the brows first to keep it on. Then a quick dash of Nars blush on her cheeks and she had to dash off for her big day.