Call It Spring Launch

One of my favourite shoe shops opened its first ever International Flagship store in Ibn Battuta Mall. Call It Spring’s stunning new store was like walking into a dream. The new space blends sleek, contemporary materials and striking textures, with eye-catching colours and neon-lit designs. In this new concept, the product spaces are gender specific: the ladies shop amongst floral detailed walls, mint accents and playful bird statues, while the gents find their picks amid bold concrete-like shelves and glowing red neon accents. Both customers find each other in the seating area located under an impressive white, life-size tree fixture, hence the theme ‘A boy and a girl meet under a tree’.

I can’t think of a better love story, the key to my heart quite possibly hides in a pair of stilettos and I have to say the new collection was stunning. I realised I definitely have a thing for black shoes as you will see from my selection! I suppose I had a neon overload last season and autumns all about those neutral shades. Call It Spring have expanded their collection to include a shoe for everyone, I loved the selection of leather boots in store for this season, In Dubai you only feel the seasons changing when you go shopping  (any excuse…) I have shared some of my favourite shoes with you, don’t forget to check out your nearest store! (To my Londoners, there is also a flagship store in Oxford Street)  

Summer Swimwear

We’ve been soaking up the sun at the pool and theres no cuter swimwear then these high waisted bikini’s by

Make sure you snap up the 2 suits for $90 deal with free shipping and be sure to join the mailing list as her stock is pretty low already, next time you will be the first to know!

Uptown Lunch

Uptown Lunch
I love the way these pieces come together! I think this look is very Gossip Girl, I have been missing it lately so thats probably where the inspiration came from. The stripes really make the neon pop and the high waisted grey skirt neutralises it so its not too in your face! I love the floral statement necklace, simple but effective.

Long sleeve top
$23 –

Satin shoes

Lipsy zip top tote bag
$55 –

Factory anchor beach towel

Neon Accessories

Neon Accessories
My wardrobe has definitely brightened up this season! These are a few of my favourite neon accessories x

High-Top Wedge

The only place I ever wear trainers to is the gym and when you never wear trainers they just look weird on you. I don’t really ever dress casually so I guess trainers don’t really go with anything I wear which is probably why but I have been trying for ages to find some that would suit me! Finally I found a trainer I love!! I fell in love with these ASH hightop wedges (£149) but because I know I only have a few different looks to go with them I couldn’t justify spending that much on them. Instead I got River Islands high-top wedge trainers, they’re so comfy and less then a 3rd of the price at £40!! They look great teamed with some skinny jeans or jeggings with a cute long top and blazer.

I noticed Beyonce wearing a pair in the Love On Top Video, obviously won’t be replicating that look especially not with the Isabel Marant price tag attached (£385) Alicia Keys and Kate Bosworth have also been spotted in a pair and they are reallly nice, these and the ASH ones are a lot nicer than mine with the leather trim but sometimes its neccesarry to rationalise…it sucks lol

Blown Away By Balloon Couture!

In my eyes, Rie Hosokai is one of the most patient women to have ever existed. She uses balloons to create the most fantastic gowns, obviously unable to use a needle she twists and weaves the balloon intricately. On average she uses 2000 balloons for one dress!! Have a little crawl on her website (, honestly I am blown away (excuse the pun)by how she can make such amazing dresses with BALLOONS!!

She wanted the balloon dresses to lift the spirits of her Japanese nation as they struggle in the wake of the terrible Earthquake. She said she wanted to remind people of their childhood dreams.
Despite being an amazing creation the dresses aren’t very practical. It takes hours to make one piece and it only lasts 24 hours as the balloons begin to deflate. The dresses range from 2000-4000 US dollars.
If I had that kinda money to burn I would definitely scoop up one of these dresses to make my debut on the red carpet however for now I’ll wait for Gaga to discover them. I can so imagine her wearing one of these!