Love Has No Labels

Earlier this year I posted this song Same Love in the music tab saying how much I love the lyrics for it and that we should be more accepting and less judgemental. I love how this video demonstrates it perfectly! Have a great weekend everyone!

M.A.C Tropical Taboo Colour Collection


Zizzle just went to check out M•A•C’s new exotic make-up collection. It captures the passion of samba in a shimmering colour collection pulsating with sensuality. The colours are perfect for summer pairing bright shades with mysterious midnight hues. It’s a latin carnival inspired line of products begging women to give in to the heat, beat and exotic glamour of shades that define desire.

Finding myself


“The colourful houses, the eucalyptus breeze, the multi coloured sarees, the tall palm trees. Ironic that in a foreign land I identified with people and in the midst of the colour and the chaos…I found ME….” Extract from my diary in India 01/12/13 x