Why does the dress change colour?


This has been doing everyones head in all day, the world has been divided into team white and gold and team black and blue but why? does it depend on your mood? your intelligence? your attitude? We’ve heard all kinds of crazy theoriess this morning but here is the real reason:


Above you can see how the dress looks in different lights,  the actual dress is blue and black and the image below will have the people who see white and gold (like me) in disbelief, yes its the SAME dress!


Basically when we look at objects we interpret different colours by the wavelengths that reflect off the object. These waves hit our retina and then our brain converts those signals into images. The light surrounding objects would change the colour but “Our visual system is supposed to throw away information about the illuminant and extract information about the actual reflectance,” says Jay Neitz, a neuroscientist at the University of Washington.

Basically in this particular image for some people their perception overpowers the information we are receiving which is very rare. Those rays of the light in the top right hand corner make some people think of how that dress should look. For me it has a blue tinge because of the light behind it but its actually white and that is what I really see because I have bullied my brain into believing that. If your still in disbelief cut out a piece of the dress and look at it without any of the other information in that picture. When I look at the cut out piece..its blue so without that perception interfering it is blue!

I was always terrible at art and one day I was told to copy the picture I was drawing upside down, It was a horse in a field with a house in the background, when I turned both pictures the right way round the likeness was uncanny and I felt like a true artist! That was because when I knew what the picture was my perception always interfered and made me copy it differently to what I saw so its no surprise that I see the dress white and gold! I’m gonna take it as a strength that I have the ability to create what I believe haha! yay for team white and gold!!

What colour do you see?

Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer Highlights

This Lebanese visionary came onto my radar thanks to Gossip Girl – there were a few dresses I liked so I googled them to see who designed them and they were all him! Since then I’ve noticed at various awards shows I will pick out a dress I like (Catherine Zeta Jones at the Oscars) and it will be his. His attention to detail is immaculate and the lace details and embellishments are what transform his dresses into works of art, here are some of my favourite ready to wear looks for next season:

A whole outfit for £20!

So the other day I needed a quick outfit for a fun but formal dinner. I hadn’t been in Primark for months and as I was walking past I saw some really cute things in there so I went to check it out. I was so surprised by how many really nice things they had. I really loved this coral dress, the colour was fun but the black and white collar made it sophisticated and unique so I thought it was perfect! I used the tie at the back to make a little bow by the collar and I opened the buttons so you could see the black and white because I wanted to showcase the beauty of the dress…if you keep them closed you can only see the white! I scoured the jewellery section and I found the cute ring for just £2 which can be taken apart and made into 5 separate rings. I got the bangle there years ago for £1 and I had never worn it till now but c’mon for a pound u don’t feel bad even just wearing it once. Everyone has a black nail varnish knocking about, I really love Fearne Cotton’s nail varnish’s, they’re available in Boots and if you get the set of 6 they work out to £2 each 🙂 happy days.

Blown Away By Balloon Couture!

In my eyes, Rie Hosokai is one of the most patient women to have ever existed. She uses balloons to create the most fantastic gowns, obviously unable to use a needle she twists and weaves the balloon intricately. On average she uses 2000 balloons for one dress!! Have a little crawl on her website (www.riehosokai.com), honestly I am blown away (excuse the pun)by how she can make such amazing dresses with BALLOONS!!

She wanted the balloon dresses to lift the spirits of her Japanese nation as they struggle in the wake of the terrible Earthquake. She said she wanted to remind people of their childhood dreams.
Despite being an amazing creation the dresses aren’t very practical. It takes hours to make one piece and it only lasts 24 hours as the balloons begin to deflate. The dresses range from 2000-4000 US dollars.
If I had that kinda money to burn I would definitely scoop up one of these dresses to make my debut on the red carpet however for now I’ll wait for Gaga to discover them. I can so imagine her wearing one of these!