Fashion Forward Fall/Winter ’16

12039093_1117292831662905_7396477689322987398_oOur favourite fashion event is back from the 31st March – 3rd April, this year it will take place at the new custom made venue Dubai Design District (d3).  

Now in its seventh season, FFWD has recently earned the endorsement of the Dubai Design and Fashion Council (DDFC) and together with this significant boost, and its new home at d3, looks ahead to its most successful edition to date with the overarching focus on working with regional and international buyers to meet the growing needs of the diverse exhibiting design talent.

This season will play host to international buyers from Fenwick, Galeries Lafayette (Paris), Harvey Nichols (Hong Kong), Neiman Marcus (USA) and Printemps (Paris). They can expect to witness some of the regions best known designers. You can register online for your favourite shows and get passes for AED 250.

Here at Zizzle Towers we have begun picking out our outfits for Dubai’s biggest bi-annual Fashion Event, we hope you are ready to rock the runway!



Michael Cinco’s Collection at FFWD SS16

Fashion Forward kicked off yesterday with an amazing line-up, Zareena and Hussein Bazaza were among the designers showcased yesterday and the night ended with Michael Cinco’s dazzling collection.

As soon as the first model walked down the runway in a fully embellished red ombre dress, I gasped! I love how Michael Cinco constructs his dresses and as she walked into the laser beams it looked as though the dress carried itself. A few more gorgeous red gowns followed and the two beautiful white wedding gowns with Michael Cinco’s signature peekaboo cutwork.

Black dresses followed with gorgeous lace detail, I loved the movement in the two floor length satin gowns and the very risque gowns which were transparent with bead-work all over, they flashed without flashing you. Then a new theme emerged, one that took me back to Barcelona, I suddenly remembered the Sagrada Familias stunning stained glass windows as these black dresses with gorgeous panels of colour strutted down the runway. The finale was insane, It was so creative, windows of colour on a cape-like train surrounded by the other paneled outfits. It was a visual feast and Michael Cinco certainly set a very good tone for Fashion Forward SS16.

Toujouri at Fashion Forward

A great collection should be like a great outfit, it should have clear direction and an element that draws it all together and Lama El-Moatassem did that perfectly. The designer often draws on her Palestinian heritage and this collection beautifully showcased the traditional art of Palestinian cross stitch embroidery and various motifs that symbolize women’s social status and regional origins. Her collection told a story, the faded pastels represented the spring of hope and spirit of what is left of an art-form passed through generations.

Despite infusing a sense of tradition and identity, Toujouri very much appeals to the modern woman. The silk organza and crepe de chine were constructed through fabric bonding enabling some pieces to be reversible and double coloured. I loved the contrast of the yellow and blue motifs on the cream fabric. The way the dresses fell and the movement of the capes was beautiful. The elegance of the midi length dresses and the way the sequins dazzled in the light was stunning. I managed to get a sneaky close up backstage so you can see the detail.


Can’t wait for the next collection!

The Emperor 1688 at Fashion Forward

I was really excited for The Emperor 1688’s collection titled Brideshead Re-visited after Evelyn Waugh’s classic novel. They always have such beautifully made clean cut suits but It’s also the great story behind the brand. These three dashing brothers all went off to London to study Fashion and Design and collaborated to create this amazing brand – you automatically just love them!

As soon as the show began I could totally see the collection featured at A Made In Chelsea garden party. The sharp tailoring and summery prints and colours were very reminiscent of the aristocracy during the early 1930’s and I loved the very British schoolboy swag. A few of the shorts seemed a little ill fitted which was a shame (maybe just a casting error) but overall I loved the collection and that fresh sense of revival of summer and refinery that it packaged so well.

The materials the boys choose are always so elegant, bold and beautiful. Italian silk celebrated with elaborate prints and blazers constructed with traditional English and Scottish spun wools. The women’s-wear was spot on too, all very ready to wear and oozed all the appeal of androgyny while still remaining sexy with the sheer shirts and floral and frill detail.


There was quite a buzz in the air before Ezra’s show commenced. I expected drama and embellishments typical of his style. Knowing that his collection was inspired by the great architect Gaudi, I imagined winged dresses incorporating Ezra’s muted elegance and calculated aesthetics in every hemline of his creations. I loved the boldness of this particular dress and it spoke what I was thinking.


The show was well choreographed by Ariel Lozada, the opening music was classical and beautiful and set the mood for the luxe evening dresses and adorned wedding gowns that were about to grace the runway. The way the material flowed on some pieces and the stunning back detail had the audience mesmerised. These were some of my favourites:


The Final Piece was a stunning red tulle wedding dress with wool embroidered swarovski crystals. It was breathtaking and I loved how they brought out the black and white/creme dresses first and then had the red dresses come in amongst them. Ezra was my other favourite, I felt his and Michael Cinco’s collection were on a different level to the others. They were the highlights of my Fashion Forward experience!


My Fashion Forward Statement Piece

My pearl encrusted “headpiece” attracted some attention at Fashion Forward today, people commented on it throughout the day, saying it was pretty, asking where its from and where I had it put in etc etc…It was actually just an old necklace that I wore in my hair, I placed it on the side  where my parting is and hid the chain at the back under my hair and kept in place with 2 hairgrips…

One of the regions leading designers, Rami Al Ali, said in a talk I attended that “Couture is the space to dream while pret is reality” dreaming in fashion keeps you away from the masses, it gives you a sense of identity while following trends just makes you one of the crowd.

Dare to dream! You don’t have to wear things the way you see them worn, if you think something looks good your probably right. I think its important to be expressive with your style, wear things because YOU like them not because you think others will! That way even if someone else doesn’t like what your wearing you wont care because YOU love it.

Having said that…I do hope my necklace headpieces catch on hahaha

Kisses x

Amira Haroon

Thought I’d quickly blog her show before the next one begins, there’s some good ones today , I can’t wait for Zayan The Label!

Amira Haroon’s opening piece was beautiful , A silky jumpsuit that dropped like a kaftan in two shades of red and embellished around the neck and back. Almost every other piece was made of lace which isn’t surprising for Amira who’s muse is to produce clothes with a story to tell, to be inspired by Alice in Wonderland type characters choosing to wear fiercely feminine pieces. Her floor length lace gowns were simple but beautiful, her style stems from the cut and the fabrics.

Michael Cinco

I had eagerly anticipated Michael Cinco’s show from the moment I knew I would be at Fashion Forward. I am a huge fan of his work, his ability to work with miles of lace, acrylic and crystals and transform them into works of art without any element of tackiness amazed me. Every piece was so beautiful It felt like a dream and although he was given the longest runway available…I wished it was longer!

So far Fashion Forward had been a civilised affair, I watched the pouting fashionistas animatedly discussing there favourite pieces with the odd rolling of eyes and pointing at the extroverts….part and parcel of being at a fashion event but nothing could prepare me for what this overly composed crowd were about to display. I could see the queue (or should I say herd) of people waiting to get into the show from the other hall and as I made my way there people were pushing as if Marilyn Monroe had just been resurrected in there! I stood calmly on the outside…not wanting to be crushed as a line of pouty girls holding hands pushed in front of me. They carried on pushing till they reached the front and I saw a few other groups doing the same. As much as I wanted to see the show I knew we would all get in eventually and didn’t wanna be squished at the front with the “poutys” so I stayed back and waited. A door opened and they surged forward but I heard security saying “media passes only” wooooooohoooooooo!! so I held mine up and walked past the “poutys” ….I might have pouted at them a little bit haha but yaaaaay I was in!

The show began with this beautifully haunting music and images on the screen that gave me goosebumps and under the dimmest light you could make out a few figures all in white. As the lights came up the dresses sparkled, they were embellished from head to toe on lace, all different lengths and cuts and finished with white Tiaras. The two floor length gowns were stunning and then the same set up followed but with black dresses and black tiaras and headpieces which looked amazing “It’s so Snow White and the Huntsmen” whispered my friend Zareen, I could definitely see it, it was so magical and fairy-tail like! They were equally beautiful and dazzling in the light and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better an amazing wedding dress came out followed by another with so many layered ruffles. The audience gasped and wowed at its immaculate detail and beautiful long train that the movement rippled through as she walked. A black and red gown followed, the red was striking against the monochrome theme and again the ruffles and sparkle and movement of the dress were breathtaking.

I was completely in awe of it all and the first one to stand up for Michael Cinco when he strutted out, such a visionary, definitely deserving of his standing ovation. He’s a Filipino designer based in Dubai who has been spotted on the likes of Naomi Campbell, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez and Tyra Banks and judging from this collection I’m sure that next awards season we will be seeing a lot of him on the red carpet!

Fashion Forward

Zizzle was behind the scenes at Fashion Forward, an event taking place at the Madinat Arena showcasing local designers. The venue was dressed beautifully with colourful mannequins embellishing the fashion cafe and we couldn’t be happier with the media centre allowing us to post and upload straight from the event.

The fashion gallery is a beautiful Ode to the designers involved in the event which consisted of a podium with breathtaking pieces from every designer! We will be bringing you pics hot of the runway of our favourite pieces!