Love Yourself

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Some of those quotes might seem really negative when you first read them, but read them again and let them empower you. It ties in with the last quote I posted. Realise that nobody will love you the way you should love yourself, that most of our issues with other people stem from the inability to be adequate for ourselves, if you really knew your own worth, you wouldn’t hang around long enough to allow somebody to make you feel like that. I’m not just talking about relationships with a partner, I’m talking about friends, family, colleagues…all kinds of relationships.

Sometimes when I feel upset or let down, I think somebody else has made me feel like that, but really I allowed them to. I think many of us have had countless people who we really love, that we would do anything for, make us feel that we just do not matter to them and it really hurts but ask yourself why? Its probably because you gave too much…there was probably a point months or years ago where you should have stopped but because you are family or have been friends forever you didn’t want to. Expectations hurt and its best to only have them for people that have a track record of never letting you down, of course this changes as we “grow up” but I think you should always be aware of having people in your life with the purpose to water your soul. Surround yourself with people who help you grow, who make you laugh louder, who make you see the world in a different light but most importantly, remember nobody will feed your soul like you can so learn to love yourself ❤

I will leave you with this video from the amazing Mastin Kipp 

My Amazonian Adventure (Part 2)

At 2.47pm on Tuesday the klaxon blew and we pulled out of the harbour, that meant we had been on an anchored ship for over 26 hours! We were told we would leave on Monday at 3pm and to be on the ship by 12 to find a spot for our hammock so we did. As 3pm drew closer the ship buzzed with rumours of a late departure and slowly it got later and later until we were told we would leave at 10am the next day…which became 2.47 but as we pulled away I was relieved that we were getting closer to our real jungle adventure.

They serve breakfast and dinner on board, you line up with your bowl and spoon, it felt like Oliver Twist. I was starving by dinner time and was waiting for the bell to sound, as soon as it went off I rushed downstairs with mine and Lenas bowl, and hurried back. I handed Lena hers, tried to sit on my hammock, obviously in a way that you shouldn’t and fell off backwards, my piece of chicken and potato went flying past my ear and I landed with the bowl still in my hands with some rice left…I was devastated! I didnt even care that I fell because I was just looking at the chicken on the floor beside me. Thankfully Lena eats EVERYTHING so she was happy to eat my chicken and gave me hers (this is one of the reasons I love travelling with her).

The boat was taking us to Iquitos, the only city In the world that is not accessible by road, it was a city deep In the Amazon and although we were told our journey would take 2 days and one night, we were prepared by stories of friends that told us their journey ended up taking 5 days. We didn’t mind, we learnt to love the boat, to spend our days playing cards, chilling in our hammocks and watching the scenery as we floated through the Amazon.

There were several stops along the way, you were never told how long they would be but the ferry would collect cargo, often in the form of animals, or just more passengers. The second morning I woke up and didn’t feel too great, I told Lena I felt sick and shortly after began puking. It was nothing to worry about, this happened regularly to me in Peru, the food often didn’t agree with me. It carried on more then usual, a lovely couple who were both doctors came to see me at my hammock, they were from Germany. They gave me some medicine to make it stop and warned me that I should stay in my hammock as it causes dizziness… I got dizzy, the swinging of the hammock made it worse so I stumbled to the bench which was outside at the front of the boat and thought the breeze would do me good so I lay on it.

We had been stood still all morning, since about 6am at a village where they had been loading cargo. At around 10 Lena said she wanted to explore a bit and to get me something to make me feel better. I could see all these watermelons from the boat, literally thousands and I told her I was craving a slice. She went with Manuel, one of the Swiss guys, as she was walking off she said “Make sure the boat doesn’t leave without me” And I replied “If it leaves I will wave at you from my hammock.”

It was meant to be a joke but about 15 minutes after they got off I realised we were moving! “OH NO!!” I shouted to the other Swiss guy Peter and ran off to the captain to make him stop. He didn’t really care, he just said “too bad, they will have to get a car to drive them there.” I explained Lena had left her money on-board and they might be stranded but he just carried on driving very nonchalantly and it was really annoying me so that was the first time I got angry in Spanish. I told him we waited on the ship for 26 hours for him to leave and now he won’t even wait for 10 more minutes for them, we realised that the Daniel the ex-war veteran who was in his 60’s was also gone and so was the Brazilian, Eduardo! This did not sway the captains decision, I felt better that Eduardo was with them, he was this very cool and capable character. He had travelled the world and he was helping us with everything, he tied our hammocks on, told us about the various things we passed, showed me where the Amazon river really begins and how you can tell by the two colours in the water changing. He had all these amazing stories and just spouted knowledge and everyone on the boat knew him. Anyways I had to leave the captain to throw up and then I went back to my hammock, we were long gone by then. I was thinking about how I would carry all their bags and me and Peter decided they would probably have gone by car and will in fact be waiting for us there as its faster.

I heard a speedboat and some people went over to look at it, I just stayed in my hammock…they were all talking I was not really paying attention, just thought it was bringing more passengers but then Eduardo came up the stairs! I jumped out of my hammock and asked him where Lena was and if he even saw them. He said no he didn’t even know they were there!! Shortly afterwards they came up the stairs, he was joking! They all got the speedboat and we were reunited. “sorry I let the boat go, he wouldn’t listen to me” I said, “sorry I ate your watermelon” Lena replied. So I guess we were even…like I said Lena eats everything hahaha. That night we pulled into the harbour in Iquitos! We had made it!

We waited to get off but they wouldn’t let our boat dock, all these police boats were around and then we were told the small water taxi in front of us (which me and Lena take on our next trip to monkey island) had a murder on it. Apparently they robbed people and killed a woman and so we had to wait. Not the nicest welcome but I just thought logically that they probably wouldn’t rob trampy looking backpackers like us and they must have known those people had more to give then we did. I look forward to telling you about Iquitos and the monkey island, tune in for the funniest video of me getting attacked by a monkey, best places to go in Iquitos and how we lived with a family in the heart of the Amazon!

Ciao for now x

Live A Life That Makes You Happy


Often we put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve goals that we forget to live in the moment and enjoy the journey rather then just trying to reach a destination. There’s no point having a happy ending unless the story is worth reading. I meet too many people just blindly trying to reach a goal, the same routine day in day out, we aren’t robots, we are people. We were made to feel love, passion and energy and you should try to feel that for everything you do.

Sometimes situations in life prevent us from doing what we love  but its important to always infuse your life with things that make you happy. If you hate your job and you can’t change it for the moment, make sure you make time to do the things you love when you aren’t working. Often your mundane job becomes the focus of your life because you don’t have anything else, create a balance.

I’ll admit…my job is OK, I don’t hate it but there are very few occasions when I REALLY love it… but I am in Peru, I am travelling and meeting people, exploring a new culture and lifestyle so far from mine AND learning Spanish – I love my life! That is how I chose to infuse a balance and their are thousands of other ways.

Many people live their lives for someone else, to please their family or satisfy others expectations. Remember you only have one book, write it for YOU! I can count on my fingers (on one hand haha) how many people were happy when I made the decision to come to Peru and I can tell you none of them were my family. I know everyone was worried and nobody understood why but sometimes… you gotta do what you gotta do! I knew if I didn’t take this opportunity I would forever regret it and this chapter is significantly important in MY story. I’m not saying be selfish and rebellious, ultimately the people I love let me come here because they understood. People who love you understand you, they don’t dictate your life they guide you. I left a situation where I could be saving money and building some kind of foundation but if I died tomorrow I won’t be taking that with me, I will take my lessons and my experiences and they are of more value to me then anything else. You should be able to look back on your life and feel proud that you fulfilled your purpose with passion and love. Its important to me that the people I love are proud of me too, and for that reason I would never do anything that they couldn’t be proud of …never compromise yourself or your morals for anything or anyone.

You have one book, make every page AMAZING!

Zohra x

A Weekend In Cheltenham

This weekend I went back to Cheltenham to see some old Uni friends, I lived there for three years but never really settled because I had trouble adapting to life outside a city…. The first time I went to Cheltenham I fell in love with the place, its so beautiful and there is a lot to do there. This weekend I had soo much fun, I know mostly it was because I was back with my 2 favourite uni girls but Cheltenham is actually a really cool place to spend a weekend.When I arrived the girls met me at the station and Huffingtons Bakery and Tearooms caught my eye, it looked so quaint so we decided to go there for a coffee and catchup…pasties, sandwiches and a GIANT meringue later we were stuffed to the brim..I skipped mains and just had the Meringue OMG it was to die for, I had this amazing chinese jade ringed green tea, apart from Tropical green tea this was the best I’ve ever had:

So we did a little shopping while we were in town, theres 2 shopping malls and the High Street which has every shop you need plus House of Fraser and all the little boutiques and designer shops going up the promenade towards Montpellier.  Montpellier is a really cool place to take a walk, its full of quirkly little cafes, wine bars and restaurants but it just oozes character and history:

We spent the next day pampering ourselves before our big night out and I got PURPLE HAIR:

So we got ready and headed to revolutions (standard) then a club opening of Pulse and then went next door to Subtone which is open  till 6am to relive the old days!!! So we partied till the sun came up, the music was amazing, it had several rooms but the one we stayed in was playing old school R&B so I was in my element.

The next day we went to The Brewery which is a complex where there are restaurants and a Cinema and we ate (mmmm Nando’s) and then watched The Sitter. It had its laugh out loud moments but I felt some of the time it dragged and was a little over the top but it wasn’t terrible neither life changing (watch it if there’s nothing better on).

It was the perfect reunion with my girlies and we hung out at all our favourite places, I would definitely recommend Cheltenham for a weekend break…just don’t move there :p

Zohra x

Close some doors today…

Close some doors today. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere.


Some time ago one of my beautiful friends send me this quote. It was exactly what I needed. I love it when that happens. You might be going through something or something will be on your mind. And out of nowhere someone gives you exactly what you need. This has since become one of my favourite quotes and it might just be exactly what you need to read.

Guest Blogger: Sabriya Mussani