Met Gala: Through The Looking Glass

This years Met Gala was themed China: Through The Looking Glass which was the perfect opportunity for many A-listers to flaunt their perfect figures. Most went with sheer fabrics and a few didn’t leave much to the imagination. Then their were others who interpreted the theme in their very unique way such as Rihanna who looked like an omelette, the dress took Guo Pei two years to hand embroider and she claims that was what drew her to it. I think perhaps the Queen could work it but it was a fail for Rihanna, she was unfortunately my worst dressed and I didn’t get SJP’s headpiece at all. I thought Solange made a very bold statement and I also loved Kendal Jenners look. J-Lo looked stunning and despite the whispers she definitely still has it and looked fantastic in her Versace gown! My other favourite was Queen Bey who looked incredible in her peekaboo Givenchy gown. I know Beyonce’s and J-lo’s dresses were just as sheer as Kim K’s and I think I even liked her dress better but I just didn’t like her in it. Many celebs opted for cut-work, sheer panels and fabrics. Who was your favourite?

A Glam 20 minute make-over


I loved this makeover because Amber is such a girl next door character that it was fun to see her glammed up. Her daily make-up regime is a liquid liner and a little mascara and actually that is more then enough to make her look great. I wanted a look that would surprise her so I decided to open her eyes up by putting a dark shadow in the crease of her eye lid. I used a beige Givenchy liner inside her water line and a dark brown eye pencil under her lower lash line. This creates the illusion of bigger eyes and Amber had never tried it before but she loved it.

It is often difficult to find the best red lipstick to suit your skin tone and its just a case of experimenting, In winter I like deeper reds as I am less tanned which creates a nice contrast but in summer I can get away with more corals and orangey reds. Amber could pull of a bright red lipstick perfectly and as I had used light golden tones on her eyes, a bright lip didn’t overwhelm her face. I finished with some bronzer on her cheeks and a subtle contour down the centre of her nose.

Sculpt and Pop Makeover


Katrin has amazing blue eyes and I wanted to make them really stand out or “pop” as we call it in the make-up world. She has a beautiful smile and I wanted to sculpt her cheeks so I did a soft contour as her features are already pretty defined. Its important to always recognize features and face shapes and do what works. A strong contour would make her face look very harsh so I blended a medium brown into the hollows of her cheeks which really drew our her dimples and above that put a peachy blush and highlight to soften it. I slightly contoured her nose and added a highlight down the centre.

Brown eye-shadow really makes blue eyes stand out so I played with bronze tones on her eyes and lined with a brown liner. Since I wanted her eyes to be the focal point of this look I finished with a nude gloss on her lips.

Medium Smoky Makeover

Layan is such a natural beauty that doing makeup on her is always fun! We were pushed for time as it was Graduation day so we did this look in about 25 minutes. She has great skin so I just used a Bobbi Brown tinted BB cream rather then a foundation. I used a Christian Dior foundation to do a very light contour on her cheeks and just frame her face. We decided on a medium smoky eye so I used mostly golds, bronzes and brown shades so that she could have a bright lip. Coral suits her complexion so well, I used a Givenchy liner in shade 11 and then Givenchy gloss interdict in 22. We filled in her eyebrows with an MUA brow palette, remember if your using a powder filler brush some Vaseline onto the brows first to keep it on. Then a quick dash of Nars blush on her cheeks and she had to dash off for her big day.

A Refreshing Makeover

ImageI had 15 minutes to give Layan a quick makeover. She wanted something natural and fresh so I decided to stick with a pink dewy palette.

I began by applying L’oreals Truematch Foundation in D/W5 Gold Sand, I usually apply with a foundation brush and blend out with a flat Kabuki or Stipler but as I was pressed for time I went straight in with the Kabuki. I then took a light shade from Pixi’s neutralising kit and brushed it down the centre of the nose and under the eyes just to brighten and slightly contour. I sealed it in by patting Givenchy’s Loose Powder Prism Libre in Sweet Caramel, powders absorb excess product and keep the foundation matt allowing it to last longer.

I used Topshops Glow Pot in Shade Gleam to highlight under the brow with a Pencil Brush. Then I put Urban Decay’s Tainted eyeshadow shade all over the eyelid and added shade Deeper into the crease of the eye making the eyes bigger and more defined. I took a gel liner with a eyeliner brush and applied it along the lash line. I didn’t go over it with a liquid liner as I wanted to keep it as natural as possible. I finished the eyes with 2 layers of Clinique’s black Mascara.

I applied Givenchys lip liner in shade no.1 and then coloured in the lip with Lancome’s colour fever shine in 306. These lipsticks are really moisturising and have a glossy finish, not too shiny but just a little dewy to give you that fresh fuller lip.

Then I took my Large Angled Contour Brush and applied M.A.C’s Bronzing Powder in limited edition shade Solar Riche in the hollows of the cheeks to contour. I applied Benefits Coralista above the hollow on the cheek bone and then a touch of Bobbi Browns Shimmer Brick just above the Cheekbone to highlight and add another dimension. This is great to do on rounder faces as it gives you a more chiselled look.

Layans fresh and dewy look is complete 🙂

Summer Lips

I generally always have quite muted colours on my lips, nudes and natural peaches, but in summer
I think vibrant lips really complete that bronzed holiday look. Bronzed complexions look great even with nude lips but I just think hot pinks and corals are pretty for the summer.

Today I went really bright!! I used an Annabelle fuchsia lipliner, I coloured in the whole lip as liners are a great base to keep lipstick on longer. Because liners are quite dry they stain the lip better and then the lipstick you apply on top bonds to the liner keeping that on too! (Givenchy lip liners are my favourite, they’re nice and creamy and stay on all day. However, despite me having every shade, they don’t have a fuchsia like Annabelle’s) I applied The Body Shop’s shade 69 on top of the liner and then just dotted on some M.A.C Cremesheen glass in Galaxy Rose and rubbed my lips together. Gloss adds another dimension giving your lips more fullness and leaves them looking hydrated.

In Winter I wear more gloss but in Summer I find it quite sticky, you don’t want too much shine so I just dot a little on.



Givenchy Best Beauty Buys

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of freelance work for different beauty brands so I thought I would blog about my top products that each of them have. Summers here and its the time of the year where we all pay a little more attention to our beauty regime so I thought I’d tell you which products I thought really worked.

Lips: Summers all about being hydrated and nothing looks worse then dry cracked lips. Givenchys lip products are all made with a moisturising base so the lipsticks dont leave cracked lines instead they keep your lips nice and moist and the range of colours are great. My favourite is the secret pink and fantasy pink rouge interdit lipsticks (£21). My favourite products are the gelee d’interdit glosses (£19), They aren’t sticky..i know its hard to believe but have a try next time your instore and I particularly like the coral frenzy and the no.4! The hydrasparkling lip and cheek tint always flies out, I love its ability to change tone to suit you and how it develops with heat but I think £20.50 is a little too much for a teeny tiny pot and the thing is its a balm that you want to apply all day so it doesn’t really last long but if you can afford it why not!

Complexion: The Eclat Mattisme foundation is AMAZING! It mattifies while giving you radiance so you dont have that chalky caked on look that other mattifying foundations give you. It looks natural but gives you great coverage and its got the all important sun protection (factor 20!!) Thats everything you want and more from a foundation. Their concealer, Mr Light, is great if your fair skinned but the range for darker tones is rubbish 😦 They look like touche eclat (YSL) but are a lot more creamy giving way better coverage, an anti-fatigue formula AND factor 15! My favourite is the prism libre loose powder, it is AMAZING and although its £33.50 the tub is HUGE so will last ages and gives your skin a silky smooth finish.

I was lucky enough to use Le Soin Noir (£240) It is a cream made with black algae that feels more like a serum. It is black in colour and gives your skin a beautiful luminescence while hydrating it and feeding it with anti aging properties and restorative minerals (mostly natural). I used it for 2 weeks and yes it was a nice cream with a lovely texture but for £240  I was expecting A to become Angelina Jolie but it didnt give me the extreme makeover I hoped for haha. I’m sure I can buy 10 from a different brand that do the same thing (Bodyshop Vitamin C range..AMAZINGG haha). If you happen to buy Givenchy products you can ask for a free sample worth £42 and decide for yourself.

I was always a fan of Givenchy fragrances and wore Very Irresistable for years but I have now converted to Hot Couture EDT.

Signature Scents

We’ve all experienced that moment where somebody walks past us and leaves a trail of their perfume wafting behind them prompting us to look up because it reminds us of someone. Its human nature to tie scents to experiences, did you know we can store approximately 10,000 different smells in our memory? Smells have the strong power to vividly bring back memories. To a large extent, smell is more personal than other senses so it brings back memories of people, not just places, or things. Recently I was sitting at the park and a man came and sat next to me who was smoking a pipe. It immediately brought tears to my eyes because I tied that fragrance of musky tobacco to my uncle who died over a decade ago but that smell made me feel like it was just yesterday he was sitting with me smoking his pipe.
Dior perfume

Dior perfume (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s quite amazing how distinctly we recognise smells and some of us more so than others. I am renowned for my over sensitive nose, the slightest odour can make me want to puke however it has its plus sides. I have the ability to recognise about 50 different perfumes just by smelling them. I have an obsession with things that smell nice, I’m forever buying candles, perfumes and all sorts of gadgets to make my house smell yummy. It isn’t a new obsession, I’ve always had a penchant for perfume. I remember people telling me at school that I always smelt nice and I loved it. I used to wear Tommy Girl or L’eau de Issey and I remember a guy in my class saying to another girl “you smell like Zohra” because she wore Tommy Girl and at that time it was my signature scent. I love the idea of owning a beautiful smell and to this day I have my signature scents that I hope remind people of me.

When I spray that perfume I feel “ready”. I’m not ready until I’ve carried out my morning ritual of the spray on the neck and wrists and then in the air as I walk through it to leave my room. At the moment I have 4 fragrances that I use, Very irresistible by Givenchy, Be Delicious by DKNY, Addict by Dior and Euphoria by CK. The last two are my evening fragrances and the first two are my daytime scents. I have had these on rotation for about 5 years and shopping for replacements is one of my favourite things to do!!
I absolutely love perfume shopping and trying out new fragrances. Nothing beats that oozing smell of perfume in a department store of a thousand perfumes combined. I wish they sold it! They should bottle it and call it “Selfridges” or Harvey Nichols”. The minute I inhale it my heart starts beating a little faster. Armed with my coffee beans I get through about 20 perfumes before even the coffee beans can’t help me distinguish between them. I go from tester to tester collecting the papers in my bag and even when I don’t like the smell I sniff it several times because I explore it like a fine wine. Perfumes have top, middle and base notes of fragrances. The top notes are the initial scent, the middle notes prevail as the scent settles and the base note is what lingers so that’s why even if you don’t like it at first you might find that it grows on you. There are five fragrance families: floral, fruity, woody (or chypre), oriental and green. I’m always drawn to fruity and chypre (pronounced sheep-ra) and I have quite a collection however my staple perfumes get replenished every 6 months while my extra or “mood fragrances” as I like to call them last me up to 5 years. I remember when I was a little girl I would go into the garden collecting Rose petals and Jasmine and soak them in water to make my own perfume but after a couple of days the water would reek and my mum would have to throw it out while she ordered me to never create such a stench again. I reckon that’s probably why I’m not a floral kinda girl – they don’t evoke good memories for me.

I know I’m not alone in having a signature scent, I know because there are so many perfumes that remind me of people and that’s because those are there scents. If you don’t have one then you need to take a trip to Selfridges!