Uptown Lunch

Uptown Lunch
I love the way these pieces come together! I think this look is very Gossip Girl, I have been missing it lately so thats probably where the inspiration came from. The stripes really make the neon pop and the high waisted grey skirt neutralises it so its not too in your face! I love the floral statement necklace, simple but effective.

Long sleeve top
$23 – thehut.com

Satin shoes

Lipsy zip top tote bag
$55 – debenhams.com

Factory anchor beach towel


Love this look by Blake Lively


I remember when this shoot was published in 2011, I loved this look and the thing with wearing classic fashion is, it’s timeless, and this is still beautiful. A chic white chiffon polka-dot blouse, with white jeans set of by those red hot Louis Vuittons…perfection! Blake Lively is definitely one of my favourite style icons

“I don’t have a Stylist because my style represents the way I’m feeling that day” – Blake Lively

Always wear things because you want to, not because others do!


Zizzle at H&M Conscious Launch


I was recently at the H&M Conscious launch in New York at their store in 5th Avenue. It was a great event with Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgeley there supporting the eco-friendly campaign. I went with my mum and cousin (pictured above) and I know it looks like she’s drinking wine in a hijaab…but its just juice so relax yourselves haha.


The latest line was all about producing clothes in a more environmentally friendly way and it was by far my favourite line so far! It was modestly modern with a bohemian twist, 90210’s Jessica Stroup wore my favourite piece to the launch!


Here’s a few of our favourite pieces from the collection:




Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer Highlights

This Lebanese visionary came onto my radar thanks to Gossip Girl – there were a few dresses I liked so I googled them to see who designed them and they were all him! Since then I’ve noticed at various awards shows I will pick out a dress I like (Catherine Zeta Jones at the Oscars) and it will be his. His attention to detail is immaculate and the lace details and embellishments are what transform his dresses into works of art, here are some of my favourite ready to wear looks for next season:

My Top 10 Gossip Girl Outfits

So I finally watched the Gossip Girl Finale and boy was it worth the wait…omg how amazing were the clothes? after all the ups and downs Blair and Chuck got married ❤ and Gossip Girls identity was finally revealed…he was high on my list of suspects. Anyways over the years GG has showcased some amazing fashion so here’s my top 10 outfits:

Serena in Zuhair Murad, by far my favourite dress!!
Blair weds chuck in Elie Saab
Serena in Peter Pilotto
Love this daytime look
Blair keeps it cute with her signature hairband but her sheer white shirt teamed with the lace detail lends her back her naughty!
Nobody pulls of a sparkly blazer like Serena
she does look like an air hostess but its soo cute, only Blair could work this.
Love this
Chic casual day look
Amazing wedding dress by Vera Wang

So thats my 10 but I have one item that I LOVE so im gonna just put that out there as a bonus and that is this amazing geo print Gryphon trench! Sold out as you can imagine …boohooo 😦