Market OTB

Zizzle had a fabulous day out at Market OTB! Nestled amongst the skyscrapers in downtown Dubai, this little patch of serenity will have you feeling like you are in London or New York for the day. This park is frequented by local residents and the event makes for a nice family day out.

I enjoyed browsing the chic little boutiques such as West LA and Boom and Mellow and I loved that some online stores such as had physical pop up stores for 10 days of the event so you have the chance to actually see before you buy. The Market also has local eateries and coffee shops so you can grab a picnic table and take a break from the shopping. We relaxed by heading to the SOHDubai nail salon where their nailart is off the chain!! The talented artists transform your nails into a mini-canvas, I will be back to visit them in their Jumeirah salon for sure!

So far it all sounds very Dubai, chic boutiques, nails, coffee shops…however it is all designed with a green concept in mind, the shops are refurbished shipping containers and stalls made of recycled crates, the stage was jaw-dropping, from a distance it has a 70’s dancefloor vibe with the multicoloured flashing lights, however as you get up close you realise it is made from recycled water bottles! You can enjoy various performances and movie nights from the bean bags scattered around the stage.

I loved that they had a grafitti artist spraying one of the shops and a shiny cadillac which was also due to be sprayed entirely! The event just had a nice energy about it, something fresh and interesting while managing to please the Dubai crowd without being your typical “Dubai” event. It’s a lovely day out with friends and family, they even had a little fair for children with rides and games! Its on until the 24th January so free some space in your diaries to check it out!

The Benefits of Green Tea

Recently I find a lot of people are converting to Green tea over our traditional English Cuppa. This transition is great as Green tea possesses many properties that are beneficial to our health. It is made solely from the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. Over the last decade there has been a lot of research supporting the fact that  regular green tea drinkers have a lower risk of developing heart disease and certain types of Cancer.  There is a common misconception that it makes you lose weight immediatly however a Green tea extract containing polyphenols and Caffeine can stimulate fat oxidation, boosting the metabolic rate 4% without increasing the heart rate.

I often drink Echinacea tea which I found out also has wonderful properties 🙂 It builds your immune system making you less likely to catch colds and also reduces your recovery time from a cold by 1.4 days! Most herbal teas have beneficial properties so try to drink them more often.

Some yummy ones are Starbucks Jasmine and Orange Green tea, Nando’s tropical Green Tea, In some tea shops you can find Jade Ring Green Tea where the Silvery White green tea shoots are meticulously hand-rolled into small rings. When infused, the rings open to create a magnificent looking cup of tea.

Another cup of tea that you should try are the flowering teas that are presented like a spiralling garden in a cup. Silver needle tea buds and fresh flowers like jasmine are skillfully sewn together by chinese artisans. When steeped in hot water, each blossom magically unfurls into a stunning floral display and they taste as good as they look:

Enough geeky tea talk,

Zohra x