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5 uses for Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream


I have used 8 hour cream for years but since travelling I really appreciate its multi-functionality. I think everyone should have a tube of this magic cream. It does the job of so many products and has made my make-up and beauty kit so much lighter. It’s very rich and one 50ml tube (£25) generally lasts me a year or so…and that’s with me using it frequently. I love the whole range so always try to pick up multi-packs at duty-free.


The lipsticks come as a clear balm or in a couple of natural shades and they are really moisturising. The product has existed since the 1930’s however has since been improved and is popular for its fragrance free option which is great for people with sensitive skin. Here are the 5 ways I use this product:

1. The texture is similar to Vaseline and it is very hydrating packed with vitamins and minerals, It is great for dry cracked skin. I often use it on my lips or feet to keep my pedicure fresh.

2. I love using 8 hour cream to complete a make-up look, its great for creating that fresh dewy look. I just brush a little on the cheekbones and lips and sometimes on the eyelids, you will notice a lot of make-up artists use this product on the runway or for high fashion shoots


3. Its a very soothing product and restores skin over a 8 hour period, I  use it for cuts and burns to heal quicker and minimize scarring.

4. I’m currently in Peru and its mosquito season, this product is great for soothing insect bites and stops the itching while reducing redness.

5. I travel often and hate how dehydrating the air is on aeroplanes, I use this product to feed my skin on long-haul flights to ensure my skin stays moisturised and fresh.

In conclusion its a moisturiser for dry skin – it can be used on the face and body, a highlighter, a lip-balm and a healing cream for cuts, burns and bites.

Why Settle For A Crutch When You Can Have A Cast?

So on my travels over the last few months I have met a lot of amazing people and we have shared plenty of stories. I feel it has been a great learning curve for me and really eye opening. Often we discuss the subject of relationships, past or present. I find a lot of people when in love don’t see what is really happening “love is blind” as they say.Yesterday we were talking about how partners support each other through times of need, what many people don’t realise is a shoulder to cry on is sooooo not what you need in a partner. That doesn’t make them supportive, “don’t settle for a crutch when you can have a cast” I know I made a weird analogy but its so true. A crutch just holds you up while you are broken but a cast supports you while healing you and making you stronger. Just because someone’s always there to cuddle you it doesn’t mean they are necessarily what you need. You need someone who will not only lift you out of your hole but board it up after so you never fall in there again. So if you have someone who motivates you, makes you see what you can do to change your situation, keep a hold of them. If you have been depressed for months or years but think your partners cuddles are the only reason you got through …..this reality check is for YOU. Without them you might be able to find the strength to really pick yourself up again :)Lots of love x