Al Serkal Avenue Iftar


The pop-up restaurant is called #thisisnotabuffet which already prepares you for a culinary experience. Our booking was for 6.45 and we made it in good time however it was not easy to find the pop-up venue. There were no signs but a security guard directed us to warehouse 90 which is by the yard.

I loved the venue, as expected in Al Serkal, they had transformed a warehouse into a restaurant and they had done a good job. The majority of the furnishings were recycled from the tables to the menus and for decoration they just had pieces of paper hanging from the ceiling but it all worked and it was pretty chic.

I was fasting so they took my order first and my appetizer arrived just before iftar which is when they took the rest of the groups order (there were 10 of us). My 3 courses came out seamlessly however the rest of the group had major issues…some had finished mains while others had not even had starters and it was all a bit of a mess. I thought my second course would sync with everyone else’s but we all ended up eating as our food came and half the group had not even had their mains by 9pm (2 hours later).

On the plus side the food was unbelievable, it was really delicious, small plates made up of elements that were magical together. I had the lobster tacos which were to die for! For mains I had the lamb which was cooked to perfection with a beautiful pink like through the middle and a delicious herb and pistachio crust. Then I finished with the kheer cheesecake which was very interesting, it came with a strong saffron sauce which was a little overwhelming but I loved all the other elements on the plate, a crumble, a dark chocolate truffle, edible flowers amongst other things.

Due to the time delays we got quite a few free plates to sample and the crab was divine, I would definitely order it next time…yes I am actually still quite happy to go back despite the service, they were very apologetic but mainly because the food was off the chain! It was only the second day of the pop-up so it must be really difficult to get into the flow of things with such a sophisticated menu. You could choose either 2 course for 90, 5 courses for 210 or a range of small plates which were about 40dhs each (way better value) but I think these caused havoc in the kitchen.

I loved the vibe, we sat on a taller table with stools which got uncomfortable after the first course but the majority were low tables which I would request in future. I think its a great concept and they had a live Oud player which was nice. They have themed nights so Saturday they have a boardgame space, Sunday is games night, Monday is trivia night, Tuesday is live music and Wednesday is gallery tours from 8.30pm. 5% of all proceeds go to charity and I would highly recommend an iftar at #thisisnotabuffet. You can find plenty of parking inside Al Serkal Avenue and remember to book in advance.

Al Maeda Iftar

Zizzle went down to the Al Maeda restaurant at DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai to try the delicious Iftar Buffet.

The dishes were traditionally inspired and included an array of the most delectable North African and Levant dishes. We were spoilt for choice with Chef Lawrence crafting over 20 dishes to choose from. The Emirati Artist Ahmed Al Muhairi is showcasing his work throughout the month which also adds to the authentic cultural and traditional experience of this iftar. For every 100dhs spent you will be entered into a draw to win a Mussandam Dhow Cruise for two.

A Ramadan room package is available for travellers planning to visit Dubai during Ramadan. Prices for a one bedroom suite inclusive of Iftar and Sohour start at AED440 per person (rates are subject to 10% tourism fee, 10% service charge and AED15 tourism dirham per bedroom per night) and can be booked at DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai – Jumeirah Beach website.

Al Maeda restaurant will be offering Iftar buffet and Sohour every day during the month of Ramadan with live cooking station, live entertainment during Iftar, boarding games available upon request, TV screens and shisha offered in the terrace. The iftar buffet will be served every day from sunset to 9:00pm, Sohour will be available from 9:00pm to 2:00am. It is inclusive of Ramadan drinks AED 139. Sohour A-la-carte menu offers Standard Platter AED 69 and Premium Platter AED 89.

A special rate of AED119 will be offered to guests booking before 6th of May and to all guest dining during the first week of Ramadan. Special Group Iftars rates are also available.

Often buffets lack quality but the dishes were well seasoned and cooked to perfection with a great selection. You definitely need more then one visit to sample all the dishes, the ambience was spot on and we will definitely be going back for more!

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RWAQ, Ramadan at The Walk JBR

150701 RWAQ Ramadan-16

I went to The Walk JBR with some friends to check out RWAQ the Ramadan event and we had a really lovely evening. Its an interactive event which is split into five zones including contemporary food, retail, art installations and exhibitions. I enjoyed the retail aspect as they featured some really nice modest wear. I was lucky enough to meet the owners of Lomar, a lovely married couple who created an abaya, accessories and perfume store. They told me how the name Lomar is a blend of both of their names and that their brand was born out of love. They began with designing and manufacturing pieces in their house and now manufacture more then 125,000 pieces. They had a really nice selection and the traditional arabic perfumes were deliciously woody and fragrant. They gifted me some beautiful rose quartz and moonstone prayer beads that can also be worn as a bracelet making it easy to pray on the go, plus they look beautiful 🙂

20130816061754 20130816062258

The stores have beautiful unique pieces, I also loved Searinas store, her pieces are vibrant and colourful, perfect for the summer. I spotted some of Rula Galayini’s fabulous bags and some other really nice items dotted around.

150619 RWAQ-33 150619 RWAQ-14 150619 RWAQ-23 150619 RWAQ-40

20130816060121 20130816060505

The restaurants offer iftar and capture the essence of ramadan, the event brings to life the region’s rich heritage, connecting residents and tourists to the spirit of the Holy Month through an exceptional experience. Tahir Sultan and Loop.pH have designed a unique visual interpretation of Ramadan. The first installation, titled “1001 Nights, Alf Laila wa Laila”, is a full-scale light installation of larger-than-life 3D stars. The second installation is the Lunar Dome designed by Loop.pH. The dynamic and slowly moving light is reminiscent of the ever-changing moon light and represents the passing of time during the Holy Month.

20130816055601 150701 RWAQ Ramadan-24

They had street vendors selling delicious snacks, my favourite was sunny’s popcorn. The popcorn came in all kinds of flavours such as bubblegum and three cheese however I loved the salted caramel. The packaging and stall was so cute too, definitely worth a pit-stop! There is also a live Oud player and many other activities and activations you can take part in. Make sure you check it out while you have the chance, It is on until the 25th July and open from 7pm-2am or 2pm-2am on Eid.

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