Better and Better

Check out my boy Jay Betts new music video, he just keeps getting Better and Better!! Here is what he had to say about it:

“The song touches on parts of my childhood where I used music to process and overcome the challenges ahead of Me, which is what I still do to this day. The video runs those two stories simultaneously, and at the end the boy meets the man.

The notion is that you’re always learning and always moving forward as long as you stay on your path, your getting Better and Better”

Here at Zizzle, we LOVE an inspiring message, Enjoy the clip ❤

Twitter: @jay-betts
Youtube: jaybettstv

Interview with Kiesza

I can only describe Kiesza as a bundle of energy, she was such fun to be around and clearly a born entertainer. She got up and showed us some of her moves, told her stories so animatedly, she was warm and bubbly and we had a blast hearing her brain-farts (as she calls them) and getting the scoop on her style tips and beauty buys.

She greeted me with a warm hug and the jet-lag talk got me wondering what her favourite city was, one of the perks of being a performer must be getting to travel the world, “Ooh thats hard… Rome! It was like a museum walking through it but I had a chance to actually explore it. Dubai’s really cool though! Will decide if its my new favourite city after my safari this afternoon.” She seemed really excited for it and it looked like she enjoyed it from the video she posted on her Facebook of her singing to camels!

Travelling is always a good excuse to get your nose stuck in a book, I wondered what sort of books she read and was quite surprised when she said “Jane Austen is classic and I love the guy who wrote In Cold Blood…I’m having a brain fart I can’t remember his name! Truman Capote!” She’s very off the wall and obsessed with unicorns so I was expecting her to name some fantasy authors but guess everyone loves a bit of Jane Austen.

She styled her tracksuit really well, it was grey and she had mint green high-top Reebok trainers on with a flash of her mint green vest under her t-shirt, very understated but she looked so stylish with her quirky hairdo. “Right lets talk Style!” I said, I knew she had some pearls of wisdom to share, “Be original, don’t be afraid to use different things together and to take risks with fashion because it’s the risks that make people stand out.” So true! I tried to squeeze out her Beauty Buys while on the subject “I love lip chap! I do love MAC eye-shadow and their lipstick is really good too.” She is from Canada so its no surprise that shes a MAC girl.

Her energy was incredible, “I can walk on my hands!” She told me that was her party trick but I knew if I had asked her she probably would have! I asked her the most embarrassing thing that had happened to her and she said “In high school someone Pantsed me”, confused, I asked her to explain what that meant. “When somebody runs up to you and pulls your pants down, so yea that was embarrassing, thankfully I was wearing boxers but in high school you don’t want that to happen to you, guess it could have been a lot worse!” We had a good laugh and then it was time for her to go, short but sweet, it was a pleasure talking to Kiesza! We will leave you grooving to her latest video clip

Interview with Ash Hamman

Thirsty 4 u Poster (1)

Having just launched his single Thirsty 4 u, we thought it was the perfect time to catch-up with Ash Hamman.  He’s been in the Dubai spotlight since 2003 and maintained his position through hard work and his passion for music . A singer, dancer, writer, rapper and President of Immaqul’8 Entertainment, there isn’t much he can’t do. Zizzle set out to get the inside scoop on the Dubai Music Scene and finally put to bed the rumours of Ash’s mysterious deal with Akon. We candidly asked how this bad boy plans to get his raunchy new video to appeal to the sensitive Middle Eastern market and we wanted to bring you closer to the man behind the music.

I’ve always known Ash to have this crazy energy, even while sitting at his desk he was dancing on his seat and as he played me a few of his songs he animatedly mimed them while he danced like nobody was watching. Energy and passion for what you do are fundamental to being a success and Ash is the perfect example…


You pretty much handle every aspect of your career, was having a label something you always wanted or did you have to adapt to the Dubai music scene in terms of having to do it all yourself?

Having a label wasn’t in the picture at first, because I was signed to a label in the UK which I don’t want to name because they weren’t the best so I had to learn stuff myself. Luckily for me I signed a contract before I was of age, I was 15 so I was able to get out of the contract and I started Immaqul’8 Entertainment and ever since then I tried to understand what the industry was about and the business behind the music so I had to do things myself.

So you sing, rap, dance, produce, we want to hear what you can’t do, what are you bad at?

Uhh…thats hard

(laughing) So you think you’re good at everything?

(laughs) No I wouldn’t say that I just can’t think of something off the top of my head, I try to be good at everything I do, I try to put in 100% and more into everything.

So back in London you were quite successful musically, how is the scene here different, for example would you say there are as many opportunities to perform?

At first when I got here I had a lot of opportunities, I think I was the only one doing a lot of shows here. I opened for  Kanye, Damien Marley, Akon, I was opening up for everyone that came through but at the end of the day Dubai is really small so if you keep doing the same thing and don’t push yourself, you’ll end up getting older and time is of the essence and age doesn’t wait for anyone. I wanted to do more than just opening for artists and to elevate to the next level so I could open up for bigger artists internationally. I decided I need to chill on that and so now I have artists on my label who do the shows I used to do, while I’m trying to work on something bigger which they will also get to do.

If you could change something about Dubai’s music scene, what would you change?

I’d open the minds of people because things would be so much bigger and better if they supported each other but they don’t, there is always a clan. Dubai’s the smallest place in the world and still there is East Coast and West Coast. You have Sharjah having beef with Deira having beef with Marina. DJ’s have their clan, they don’t want to work with other DJ’s they tell their people not to do anything with this or that DJ. Another thing about Dubai is people hear things and they don’t want to find out from the source if it’s true so it just keeps going on. Nobody has the guts to come and ask you if it’s true, they just pass the story on, people need to be more mature and find out what it is before they pass on the wrong info.

Speaking of clearing up rumours, we heard it through the grapevine that you are signing to Akon’s label, can you clear that one up?

Where did you hear that from?

(laughing)Don’t change the subject Ash

I’m not signing to nobody! Akon is a cool friend, he’s a very positive person and down to earth and approachable. We had a few meetings so he saw what I was doing and he offered to produce me some tracks and wanted to do something together. He liked the quality of our videos and wanted us to make a video for him. He saw what I had and I respect his position so we are going to do stuff together and that’s it.

You’ve just released Thirsty 4 U, tell us about the process from start to finish of releasing your single because people just see a 3-4 minute video, they don’t know the time frame or amount of work that goes into creating something like that.

The production is all in-house so the video production is all done by Immaqul’8 and we have partners that  we are working with. Thirsty 4 U is an old track, it’s about four years old and we just wanted to get something out there while I work on the rest of my stuff. We are working on developing our stuff so we want to make all the mistakes in-house so when we work with other people out there its perfect because the level that we are working on is quite high and we want it to look as good as. It was a long process, we shot at my spa, the office then messed with colours and editing  and it went good at the end of the day! I hope people like it. Whatever else we are doing for artists we try to do it better than that, we are testing stuff out, so even though the process was long it was worth it.

I watched your video clip…and I have to say Ash, it’s pretty raunchy!

I don’t get why people are saying that? You should see the uncut version.

What?! You mean I saw the “clean” Middle East version?

Ohhhhhh no! The Middle East version is like a gospel video, it’s so clean you think we did it in church. For over here they said we will need a cleaner version for MTV Middle East and North Africa.

Where can we see you performing your new single?

I’ve got a couple of shows in Africa, mostly Nigeria and we are also working on other tracks which will be way faster and more clubby.

Are you working on an album?

Yes that’s part of what’s next for me, we are working on more music videos and movies too. We all have a story to tell and my IMQ team all came from different places, I’m Nigerian,  the creative director is Indian,  the animator is Pakistani, the person who handles the business is Polish so we are all from different worlds. So we are working on a short film to talk about how we came together.

Your quite the inspiration having done so much at such a young age and living your dreams, Zizzle is a feel good blog, what’s your positive message?

We all have a choice in life to play now and pay later or to pay now and play later, I choose to pay now so I can play later and that’s it.

If you could relive one moment of your life, what would it be (the clean version please)?

Ah there’s so many moments  I wish I could go back to and just live in that moment. It’s crazy but I wish I had done some things better and just stuck to it.

Which moment would you never want to relive again?

I had a show once and the CD stopped playing and the mic went off, I had a choice to stay or walk off and I chose to stay for the entire 8 minutes, screaming like a rat, I don’t think I’d ever do that again I hope that never happens to anybody.

What is your Phobia?

Heights, I’ll go skydiving but I have this strange phobia of certain kinds of heights. Everything else I’m cool with because I was in the army for three years so I can pretty much deal with anything.

What’s the worst lie you told your parents?

I told them a lot of lies I can’t remember, they will probably read this so I’m just going to say a lot of lies.

What do your friends make fun of you for?

A lot of them make fun of my gap, and a lot of them are used to it already. They also make fun of the way I walk

How would you spend your last 24 hours

I’d make sure I was with all the people I love and just live it up

Your best impression of someone famous?
Jay-Z (tries to do impression…fails) Kevin Hart umm lets come back to it.

We found out what you’re bad at… Impressions! Any last words for me?

I wish things get better for everybody, I wish one day we can all be on stage doing our thing and I see you on stage doing your thang and people support each other instead of using people like they always do in the industry.

Zizzle got a sneaky listen to some amazing tracks on Ash’s forthcoming album, make sure you keep tabs on this boy because he’s about to blow! You can follow him on Instagram @Ashhamman8 and on Twitter @Ashhamman, click here to watch him on YouTube


My Buzzin’ Interview with Mann


Zizzle got up close and personal with the rapping sensation Mann, he may be new to the scene but he’s certainly made his mark with his first single Buzzin’. He’s collaborated with the likes of 50Cent, T-Pain, and Snoop Dogg and at just 19 it’s only the beginning. He may be small but he is bubbling over with talent and his energetic performance at Chi wowed the crowds. Not only is he talented, he has a great sense of humour sharing his embarassing moments and phobias. His energy will definately get you Buzzin’…

Zohra: Welcome to Dubai! What do you think of it so far?
Mann: I love it! I just went snowboarding the other day and there’s a lot to do you never get bored, that’s what I love about it. The malls are crazy, I saw an aquarium in the mall, there’s a lot of stuff here I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Zohra: You started rapping when you were 14, tell us about your journey of how you got to where you are now.
Mann: At 14, that’s when I started rapping and recording and when I turned 16 that’s when I started performing all over LA. At 16 I got found by my manager Jamie Adler he found me and brought me to Steve Lobel who was Sean Kingston’s manager at the time and he brought me to J.R who was Sean Kingston’s producer so at that moment it was like everything just happened and changed in just two weeks! They flew me to New York and I got a record deal.

Zohra: Zizzle’s about spreading positive messages and inspiring people, what positive message would you like to spread?
Mann: Live everyday like it’s your birthday, that’s really what I represent, I call myself the birthday boy and we live everyday like it’s our birthday. That’s the BDMCG, The birthday mob, that’s our fan base and that’s what we call them. That’s really what I’m spreading, I’m spreading love and peace from the West-coast, from a city where there’s been a lot of negativity but I wanna represent a whole other side of LA, we all have fun! We all enjoy everyday like it is our birthday, partying and never letting anybody tell us no.

Zohra: Zizzle loves your motto – “live everyday like its your birthday!” 🙂 so what inspires you?
Mann: Other great music inspires me, music has always been an inspiration, it’s always been something that kept me going when I was down, I’d always listen to great music and I’ve always wanted to do that for other people. I just wanna be a great person, I wanna be known as a great person.

Zohra: I was lucky enough to see you perform at the Capital Summertime Ball in London, What’s been your favourite performance so far?
Mann: My most recent performance in Lebanon, everything was on point, the sound system was awesome, the crowd participation was great and that was my first big performance with my DJ Jam Master J’son and it was the perfect mixture of everything.

Zohra: You’ve collaborated with 50 cent, T-Pain, Snoop Dogg and Iyaz, what would be your dream collaboration?
Mann: I wanna work with Frank Ocean and I want it to be a track produced by Pharrell, I love Pharrell’s production.

Zohra: Who else can we look forward to hearing on your debut album Mann’s World?
Mann: I have a good friend called Ty who’s from LA, he’s like the new Nate Dogg, he’s on Mann’s World. We have a great song together called Reminisce. You already got all the others.

Zohra: I’m a big fan because of the fact you’ve brought back that 80’s and 90’s flavour and that old school vibe your songs give, is that something we can expect to hear throughout your album? What inspired that? Mann: Throughout Mann’s World there’s definitely that reoccurring theme that we flip old records that make people feel good. We have two original records and the rest we just flipped old school samples just to keep that feeling. I wanted to do what Snoop Dogg did with Doggystyle so that’s where the inspiration came from.

Zohra: What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?
Mann (puzzled): A lot of weird’s happened to me in my life, the weirdest ….(he thinks for a good 30 seconds) Oh! It’s when I came overseas for the first time and there were girls waiting for me at the hotel that were like “Yo Mann! Blablabla” but it was weird because I’d never been there, I didn’t know what to expect and to know that I had real fans somewhere I’d never been or stepped foot in, that was pretty weird! It was an awesome weird.

Zohra: You better get used to it! So, What’s your most embarrassing moment?
Mann: Probably when I fell on stage in London, I don’t know how I fell, I usually don’t fall on stage but I just did it horrendously!
Zohra: I’m gonna have to Youtube that!
Mann: I don’t think it’s on Youtube, I hope it’s not on Youtube!!
Zohra (giggling): I’m gonna find it
Mann (laughing): Oh Mannnnnnnnn!

Zohra: If you were phoneless for a weekend how would you spend your time?
Mann: I’d be on the computer!
Zohra: I knew you were gonna say that!
Mann: I’ve been phoneless for a month, when I’m here I don’t have a phone. I’m always just on the computer or I watch movies , I love movies.

buzzin 2

Zohra: So now I’m gonna do a quick fire round to get to know you better, just say the first thing that comes into your head.
Mann: Alright I’m ready
Favourite Fragrance: Jean Paul Gautier cologne
Favourite Country: Spain
Favourite Food: Jamaican food
Favourite song: Buzzin’ by Mann
Favourite Artist: Frank Ocean
Sexiest Woman Alive: Ah! I don’t know umm a lot of things just came into my head.
Zohra: Time up sorry, next! Prized possession: Gold Herringbone chain
Phobia: Little things that move quick
What would you do if you got pooped on by a pigeon: I’d be very mad, I’d probably yell and scream a lot of things I shouldn’t yell and scream.
Zohra: You’ve passed :),thanks for your time, looking forward to partying with you at Chi tonight, “we gonna party like it’s our birthday” 🙂