Formula X The Fix Nail Treatment

The Fix Nail Treatment - AED 59The Fix Nail Treatment sounds like just what I need! I wear polish constantly so I often get discolouration and I feel like I need a product that will protect my nails from my constant suffocating.

The treatment delivers five powerful benefits in one universally flattering pink coat. Brighten up your nails with an iridescent wash of pink that enhances your nails’ natural tones. Strengthening with nourishing, it’s formulated with pro-vitamin B5 and pentavitin to resist breakage, it corrects and blurs nail imperfections for an instant, soft focus look. Protect against discoloration with innovative UV absorbers, and smooth out the nail surface for a flawless finish. It’s your easy, one-stop fix to promote strong, healthy nails while instantly brightening and enhancing their appearance. It is reasonably priced at AED 59 and will be available exclusively to Sephora in Dubai Mall from April.

Too Faced Hangover Face Primer

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer - AED 149Many of us are guilty of not getting enough sleep, we have early mornings and long days at work followed by late nights causing us to induce a beauty hangover. Dull tired skin, puffy eyes and dehydration. I have found an instant remedy: Hangover is a primer made of coconut water, probiotics and skin revivers which work together to improve tired and dull skin while locking down make-up for a fresh and optimal result. It can be worn alone for a healthy looking finish, or under bronzers, foundations and powders to create the perfect canvas.

100% of users claimed their skin was more hydrated and looked as though they had a full night sleep. 8 hours after use they claimed skin looks more radiant and make up glided on more easily. It is really important to have hydrated skin, one of my clients once told me she find blending really difficult although it looks really easy online. After looking at how dry her skin was I explained that the product was just soaking into her skin making blending a nightmare, that is when makeup can look really patchy and visible. It is so important to always use a moisturiser and primer, the make up sits above the primer and literally glides on making it look much more even and natural.

Hangover contains probiotics and revivers to:

  • Moisturise and illuminate the skin
  • Improve the skin’s elasticity and tone
  • Soothe and smooth skin
  • Provide all the benefits of a primer

After having been unavailable in the Middle East for 2 years, you can finally get your hands on Hangover again exclusively at Sephora for 149 dhs.

Formula X Delete All Nail Polish Remover

A new nail brand has crept into Sephora and it delivers  original colours and long wear with the legendary no compromise formula that will surpass all your expectations.

Formula X Delete All Five-finger Nail-polish Remover - AED 120I was blown away by the Delete All 5 Finger Nail Polish Remover. It has a five finger soak where you place a nail in each pocket and just pull them out after a few seconds, my nail polish disappeared after 2 dips (about 8 seconds) and I was gob smacked!  

Its great for travelling as its spill proof and in a small container making it easy to transport. I was pretty shocked to find it priced at AED 120, no matter how much I love it I can’t justify spending £20 on a nail polish remover…you know what to get me for my birthday now 🙂 

I had a polish change using Formula X nail polish a week ago today and only one has a chip that was actually self inflicted. X Formula is definitely a premium brand and the quality speaks for itself, I have actually never seen such results from nail products and I am looking forward to getting more acquainted with them in April when they will be exclusively available in Sephora!


Clinique Pep-start Eye Cream


Clinique Pep Start Eye CreamsIf you find yourself having too many late nights and early mornings, you can find your eyes looking puffy and tired. Clinique have developed a product that will leave your eyes feeling soothed and looking refreshed with a quick snap, pop and swipe.

 The tube has a spherical applicator which you can massage the product on with, in just 3 seconds the eyes should look wide awake. I tried the product and it had a very lightweight, cooling and hydrating texture. I felt an immediate difference in my skin and I really liked the texture, it is very hydrating which is great for the skin around our eyes. The seven peptides in the product help maintain collagen to get rid of those tell-tale signs of fatigue.

Caffeine reduces puffiness while the algae extract soothes the skin. The product is packed full of natural extracts to get those eyes refreshed and diminish dark circles.

The pep-start eye cream will be available exclusively to Sephora Middle East from the beginning of March for 154 AED.




Kat Von D Spring Collection

Kat Von D is launching her eye-catching collection for Spring, the colours are bolder and more intense inviting you to push the limits and create custom, high-impact looks.



The new Metal Crush Eyeshadow features a formula that contains the highest concentration of pigments that is possible for long wear and vibrancy. With a polished metal finish, 8 ultra-intense shades deliver electrifying colour with incredibly creamy-smooth texture. The bold, unexpected shade range is uniquely Kat, breaking eye-shadow colour convention with high-pigment metallics including Thrasher (metallic gold), Static Age (metallic silver), Black No. 1 (iridescent gunmetal), Danzig (pearlescent violet), Raw Power (iridescent mahogany), Paranoid (pearlescent cobalt), Iggy (pearlescent mermaid green), and Electric Warrior (pearlescent citron green). They are available in Sephora as of today and are priced at AED 95.


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita 2 - AED 100



Also get acquainted with Lolita II, she’s warm and bright and looks gorgeous on everyone, just like the original Lolita. In a flattering matte terra cotta nude, she’s the perfect complement to her chestnut rose sister shade—the one who took the world by storm and became Kat’s most coveted shade ever! Perfect for pairing with the vibrant eye-shadow shades, this muted colour will not draw the attention away. This soon-to-be bestseller is available for AED 100 in Kat’s breakthrough Everlasting Liquid Lipstick formula, a full-coverage, 24-hour wear liquid lipstick glides over lips like a gloss and dries to a velvety, matte finish.

The new Kat Von D Spring 2016 Collection will be available February 2016 in Avant-premiere in Sephora Dubai Mall, and from April 1st 2016 in all Sephora Middle East stores.





Mall of the Emirates Expansion

DSC_1318I was lucky enough to go and preview the new expansion in the Mall of the Emirates. For the last 18 months a 3000 strong team worked tirelessly to create an extension of 36,000 square metres. The expansion houses over 20 Fashion outlets, 12 new restaurants and the new Vox Cinema. 

The extension has some of my favourite shops in it such as All Saints and Paperchase, it was a great experience having a floor of the mall all to ourselves. We walked around the shops and refuelled at Yo Sushi! with some yummy California rolls, dragon rolls and various other dishes.

There was a press conference and a tour of the new biggest cinema complex in the Middle East. The Vox houses 24 screens including the only IMAX with a Laser Screen in the region and the largest 4DX auditorium. There is also the Theatre by Rhodes experience where you can combine fine foods with film. The tour culminated with Gary Rhodes himself cooking us lunch! It was a fantastic way to experience the malls newest addition.

Dubai Wins Expo 2020 …FREE ICE CREAM :)

So Dubai won the bid for the Expo 2020 and with the announcement coinciding with the National day weekend, everyone is in good spirits!

Children were given the day off school and many chains are giving out free ice creams. I’m heading to the Cold Stone Creamery to pick up mine, may as well enjoy the freebies while we can, soon enough we will be complaining about the crazy inflation…

Happy weekend and National Day!

Lots of Love x

P.S This happened, just saw this picture that my friend posted on Facebook, I would avoid the Al Ain Centre if I were you!


Interview with Ash Hamman

Thirsty 4 u Poster (1)

Having just launched his single Thirsty 4 u, we thought it was the perfect time to catch-up with Ash Hamman.  He’s been in the Dubai spotlight since 2003 and maintained his position through hard work and his passion for music . A singer, dancer, writer, rapper and President of Immaqul’8 Entertainment, there isn’t much he can’t do. Zizzle set out to get the inside scoop on the Dubai Music Scene and finally put to bed the rumours of Ash’s mysterious deal with Akon. We candidly asked how this bad boy plans to get his raunchy new video to appeal to the sensitive Middle Eastern market and we wanted to bring you closer to the man behind the music.

I’ve always known Ash to have this crazy energy, even while sitting at his desk he was dancing on his seat and as he played me a few of his songs he animatedly mimed them while he danced like nobody was watching. Energy and passion for what you do are fundamental to being a success and Ash is the perfect example…


You pretty much handle every aspect of your career, was having a label something you always wanted or did you have to adapt to the Dubai music scene in terms of having to do it all yourself?

Having a label wasn’t in the picture at first, because I was signed to a label in the UK which I don’t want to name because they weren’t the best so I had to learn stuff myself. Luckily for me I signed a contract before I was of age, I was 15 so I was able to get out of the contract and I started Immaqul’8 Entertainment and ever since then I tried to understand what the industry was about and the business behind the music so I had to do things myself.

So you sing, rap, dance, produce, we want to hear what you can’t do, what are you bad at?

Uhh…thats hard

(laughing) So you think you’re good at everything?

(laughs) No I wouldn’t say that I just can’t think of something off the top of my head, I try to be good at everything I do, I try to put in 100% and more into everything.

So back in London you were quite successful musically, how is the scene here different, for example would you say there are as many opportunities to perform?

At first when I got here I had a lot of opportunities, I think I was the only one doing a lot of shows here. I opened for  Kanye, Damien Marley, Akon, I was opening up for everyone that came through but at the end of the day Dubai is really small so if you keep doing the same thing and don’t push yourself, you’ll end up getting older and time is of the essence and age doesn’t wait for anyone. I wanted to do more than just opening for artists and to elevate to the next level so I could open up for bigger artists internationally. I decided I need to chill on that and so now I have artists on my label who do the shows I used to do, while I’m trying to work on something bigger which they will also get to do.

If you could change something about Dubai’s music scene, what would you change?

I’d open the minds of people because things would be so much bigger and better if they supported each other but they don’t, there is always a clan. Dubai’s the smallest place in the world and still there is East Coast and West Coast. You have Sharjah having beef with Deira having beef with Marina. DJ’s have their clan, they don’t want to work with other DJ’s they tell their people not to do anything with this or that DJ. Another thing about Dubai is people hear things and they don’t want to find out from the source if it’s true so it just keeps going on. Nobody has the guts to come and ask you if it’s true, they just pass the story on, people need to be more mature and find out what it is before they pass on the wrong info.

Speaking of clearing up rumours, we heard it through the grapevine that you are signing to Akon’s label, can you clear that one up?

Where did you hear that from?

(laughing)Don’t change the subject Ash

I’m not signing to nobody! Akon is a cool friend, he’s a very positive person and down to earth and approachable. We had a few meetings so he saw what I was doing and he offered to produce me some tracks and wanted to do something together. He liked the quality of our videos and wanted us to make a video for him. He saw what I had and I respect his position so we are going to do stuff together and that’s it.

You’ve just released Thirsty 4 U, tell us about the process from start to finish of releasing your single because people just see a 3-4 minute video, they don’t know the time frame or amount of work that goes into creating something like that.

The production is all in-house so the video production is all done by Immaqul’8 and we have partners that  we are working with. Thirsty 4 U is an old track, it’s about four years old and we just wanted to get something out there while I work on the rest of my stuff. We are working on developing our stuff so we want to make all the mistakes in-house so when we work with other people out there its perfect because the level that we are working on is quite high and we want it to look as good as. It was a long process, we shot at my spa, the office then messed with colours and editing  and it went good at the end of the day! I hope people like it. Whatever else we are doing for artists we try to do it better than that, we are testing stuff out, so even though the process was long it was worth it.

I watched your video clip…and I have to say Ash, it’s pretty raunchy!

I don’t get why people are saying that? You should see the uncut version.

What?! You mean I saw the “clean” Middle East version?

Ohhhhhh no! The Middle East version is like a gospel video, it’s so clean you think we did it in church. For over here they said we will need a cleaner version for MTV Middle East and North Africa.

Where can we see you performing your new single?

I’ve got a couple of shows in Africa, mostly Nigeria and we are also working on other tracks which will be way faster and more clubby.

Are you working on an album?

Yes that’s part of what’s next for me, we are working on more music videos and movies too. We all have a story to tell and my IMQ team all came from different places, I’m Nigerian,  the creative director is Indian,  the animator is Pakistani, the person who handles the business is Polish so we are all from different worlds. So we are working on a short film to talk about how we came together.

Your quite the inspiration having done so much at such a young age and living your dreams, Zizzle is a feel good blog, what’s your positive message?

We all have a choice in life to play now and pay later or to pay now and play later, I choose to pay now so I can play later and that’s it.

If you could relive one moment of your life, what would it be (the clean version please)?

Ah there’s so many moments  I wish I could go back to and just live in that moment. It’s crazy but I wish I had done some things better and just stuck to it.

Which moment would you never want to relive again?

I had a show once and the CD stopped playing and the mic went off, I had a choice to stay or walk off and I chose to stay for the entire 8 minutes, screaming like a rat, I don’t think I’d ever do that again I hope that never happens to anybody.

What is your Phobia?

Heights, I’ll go skydiving but I have this strange phobia of certain kinds of heights. Everything else I’m cool with because I was in the army for three years so I can pretty much deal with anything.

What’s the worst lie you told your parents?

I told them a lot of lies I can’t remember, they will probably read this so I’m just going to say a lot of lies.

What do your friends make fun of you for?

A lot of them make fun of my gap, and a lot of them are used to it already. They also make fun of the way I walk

How would you spend your last 24 hours

I’d make sure I was with all the people I love and just live it up

Your best impression of someone famous?
Jay-Z (tries to do impression…fails) Kevin Hart umm lets come back to it.

We found out what you’re bad at… Impressions! Any last words for me?

I wish things get better for everybody, I wish one day we can all be on stage doing our thing and I see you on stage doing your thang and people support each other instead of using people like they always do in the industry.

Zizzle got a sneaky listen to some amazing tracks on Ash’s forthcoming album, make sure you keep tabs on this boy because he’s about to blow! You can follow him on Instagram @Ashhamman8 and on Twitter @Ashhamman, click here to watch him on YouTube


Sahareej Designs

Sahareej designs is a Middle East based Fashion Boutique owned by Lina Emam.  At just 22 years old, she explained that she had an interest in designing since she was a little girl. Her fashion designer dreams started when she used to make clothes for her Barbie’s! Of Yemeni and Ukranian origin, she uses this mix of cultures to incorporate in her designs. Her clothes appeal to the Middle Eastern market as although very modern her clothes are conservative and perfect for the hijabista’s of Dubai!

We were eager to know what inspires her, “My main inspiration is books . I read a novel before going to bed and in the morning designs just come to my mind . I don’t like to inspire designs from big brands like Chanel or Dior , that is what most Emirati designers do . It is wrong , you can not call yourself a designer if you take other’s ideas . My latest collection for example was inspired from a book ( The Old Man And The Sea ) so I used pearls and shells in many designs.”

She has a shop in Aden City, Yemen and also displays her collections at MA Fashion Boutique in Jumeirah 1 (behind Dubai Zoo) Alternatively you can shop her designs on Facebook (CLICK HERE) until her website is up and running.

We found Lina inspirational, following her dreams and making a name for herself at 22! Here is one of our favourite Summer outfits by Sahareej.


Rami Al Ali’s New Collection


Courtesy Rami Al Ali

Rami Al Ali’s  just showcased his beautiful new collection in Paris. It is comprised of 26 floor length, A-line gowns with high necklines and cinched waists. The colours are mostly deep blues and purples and are broken up by neutral browns and beiges. He used light and heavy fabrics , “I wanted to encapsulate femininity through flowing gowns while adding an edge with more dramatic, structured pieces”.

His collection was inspired by Gustav Klimt, “I’m a huge fan of his work and similarly to myself his pieces embody the female form, which is something I always strive to incorporate into my designs. The artist also had a real eye for detail, which is a strong part of my own design aesthetic and can be seen throughout the collection with Klimt-inspired graphics.