Spirito, Media One Hotel, Dubai

As I walked into Spirito, I could really feel that vibrant Latino energy, the lighting and decor added to the feel-good vibe. We sat down and were greeted by our lovely waiter Everson, who was actually from Brazil and he gave us a little intro to the menu. I have not yet been to Brazil so the menu had some really interesting dishes and we were excited to try them.

We stuck to the recommendations for appetizers and ordered the cheese puffs and some braised beef pastries. The pastries were yummy but we had to lookout for tiny bones inside which was annoying because they were so delicious. The cheese puffs were too stodgy for me as an appetizer, a whole lot of cheese and dough so we went for a nice salad next, The salad was my favourite dish, Blue cheese, Cachaça poached pear and candied cashew nuts, it was a blissful marriage of flavours and the greens kept it light and balanced.

I know Brazil is famed for its steak so we went for the Black Angus steak with a coco & chili nib rub with spiced polenta fries, unfortunately it was a real anti-climax, very fatty and gristly, I think the cut of meat itself wasn’t the best and then to make it worse it was overcooked. To be fair we went on Wednesday which is a ladies night and very busy so maybe another day would have resulted in a bit more care and attention. We also had the Beetroot and blue cheese risotto with cashew nuts and a side of the plantain with spinach gratin and portabello mushroom. I think we made bad choices, they were very sweet, heavy dishes and didn’t balance each other out at all. I was really disappointed because the menu had so many exotic sounding dishes I wanted to try, I would definitely give it another go. Dessert definitely saved the day, we had Doughnuts and the Brazilian Chocolate Bon-bon cake and both were really yummy! Everson was really helpful and we enjoyed the evening as a whole. The juices and cocktails were amazing, really tropical and exotic concoctions with acai berry, passion fruit, mango and various other yummy flavours. I would definitely go there again for the vibe and drinks and hopefully have more luck with the food next time.

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Tribeca Dubai Food Review

DSC_1117  DSC_1111 DSC_1109 DSC_1108 I just came back from a meal at Tribeca Kitchen and Bar and thought I should give you all food envy by sharing my delicious experience. This New York inspired hotspot is fast becoming my local haunt, I even kicked off my birthday celebrations there this year. It is such a wonderfully creative space that just captures that NY swag, the graffiti art, lighting set in plumbing pipes and the antique inspired furniture with an urban chic twist are just some of the charming quirks. I have to say the fact that it has a platform to showcase local talent is a big plus point for me. Us Dubaians just don’t have enough spaces to display our home-grown talent and I feel this little piece of New York is very welcome to park on JBR. Now the good part…FOOOD! So another reason I love it is because It filled a gap for a funky organic eatery. The kitchen is headed by award winning Chef Giovanni De Ambrosis, who passionately couples exquisite food with artistic form, hailing inspiration from Mediterranean cultures and fusing them with American Contemporary Cuisine.The bar features all the classic beverages as well as organic wines and signature cocktail options. Tribeca is committed to organic produce wherever possible and I loved the simplicity of there menus – paper pinned to a piece of cardboard with a clothes peg and it actually looks really cool, all these little touches of using recycled building materials wherever possible display Tribeca’s commitment to global sustainability. DSC_1135 DSC_1125 DSC_1127 DSC_1123DSC_1137 The meal was delicious, I think you can always taste the difference with organic food! The Burrata was to die for and the Prawns with Polenta in A Coconut Sauce were yummy! Chef Giovanni cooked the Beef Tenderloin to perfection, it was literally melt in your mouth amazing and the Honey Glazed Chilean Sea Bass was also divine, the sweetness really worked with the fish. All finished with delicious desserts, the apple crumble with Ice cream tasted like Christmas in a bowl and my partner in crime was stumped with her dessert because she had no idea how to eat her deconstructed cheesecake tower but when she finally figured it out it was also amazing, the sourness of the passion-fruit coulis complemented the sweet creamed cheese and crumble. Yea we ended the night in a food coma, you should definitely check it out if you are in JBR, (in the JA Oceanview Hotel.)DSC_1140DSC_1144DSC_1142 DSC_1143  

Interview with Kiesza

I can only describe Kiesza as a bundle of energy, she was such fun to be around and clearly a born entertainer. She got up and showed us some of her moves, told her stories so animatedly, she was warm and bubbly and we had a blast hearing her brain-farts (as she calls them) and getting the scoop on her style tips and beauty buys.

She greeted me with a warm hug and the jet-lag talk got me wondering what her favourite city was, one of the perks of being a performer must be getting to travel the world, “Ooh thats hard… Rome! It was like a museum walking through it but I had a chance to actually explore it. Dubai’s really cool though! Will decide if its my new favourite city after my safari this afternoon.” She seemed really excited for it and it looked like she enjoyed it from the video she posted on her Facebook of her singing to camels!

Travelling is always a good excuse to get your nose stuck in a book, I wondered what sort of books she read and was quite surprised when she said “Jane Austen is classic and I love the guy who wrote In Cold Blood…I’m having a brain fart I can’t remember his name! Truman Capote!” She’s very off the wall and obsessed with unicorns so I was expecting her to name some fantasy authors but guess everyone loves a bit of Jane Austen.

She styled her tracksuit really well, it was grey and she had mint green high-top Reebok trainers on with a flash of her mint green vest under her t-shirt, very understated but she looked so stylish with her quirky hairdo. “Right lets talk Style!” I said, I knew she had some pearls of wisdom to share, “Be original, don’t be afraid to use different things together and to take risks with fashion because it’s the risks that make people stand out.” So true! I tried to squeeze out her Beauty Buys while on the subject “I love lip chap! I do love MAC eye-shadow and their lipstick is really good too.” She is from Canada so its no surprise that shes a MAC girl.

Her energy was incredible, “I can walk on my hands!” She told me that was her party trick but I knew if I had asked her she probably would have! I asked her the most embarrassing thing that had happened to her and she said “In high school someone Pantsed me”, confused, I asked her to explain what that meant. “When somebody runs up to you and pulls your pants down, so yea that was embarrassing, thankfully I was wearing boxers but in high school you don’t want that to happen to you, guess it could have been a lot worse!” We had a good laugh and then it was time for her to go, short but sweet, it was a pleasure talking to Kiesza! We will leave you grooving to her latest video clip

A Jam-packed January


I can’t believe January is already over! My memories of travelling are slipping further and further away and I am getting back into the swing of life in Dubai. I still have many travel stories to write and hope I will find the time this month. Although I am embracing being back in Dubai I am missing South America a lot. I am grateful for January’s array of events and being able to catch up with old friends as well as meeting many new people. I also had my grandma in town so it was nice to spend time with her, she loves flowers so I took her to Dubai’s miracle gardens which was lovely! There are lots of new venues opening up and it was a great but busy month here are my highlights:

New Years fireworks in Dubai are always fantastic but this year they outdid themselves by placing the worlds largest LED screen on the Burj Khalifa, they had a wonderful light show combined with the fireworks, the lightshow remained on until January the 8th. I booked a table on the balcony at the Rivington Grill in Souk al Bahar so that I could have a delicious dinner accompanied by a fantastic show:

I was happy to be back in the sunshine so enjoyed Market OTB which was a daytime event in Southridge park. Another nice family day out was Dubai’s Miracle Gardens, It takes about an hour and a half to see it all with stopping for pictures and they have little restaurants and cafés. The flowers are all the same but beautiful nonetheless and its incredible how they have made monuments out of them such as the Burj Khalifa, beautiful peacocks, houses and cars.

Theres a fantastic new restaurant in town called Tribeca Kitchen & Grill in JA Oceanview hotel in JBR. It was a really cool venue, huge and artsy and had a real cool loungy feel. They provide a platform for local entertainment – I loved the band they had for the launch. They have healthy and organic food, I tried a couple of the salads…they were ok, the cheesecake was pretty good. Will have to go back and sample some of the food, it serves Mediterranean and American contemporary cuisine. I think its definitely got a great vibe and is a nice place to hang out, it fills a gap in the market with it being a lounge that is also a creative space, it felt unpretentious despite the launch crowd which was full of Dubai’s socialites.

Another great restaurant that has opened up is the Delphine Restaurant at the H hotel. It has a chic art deco inspired venue with marble floors and crystals fringing the bar. The original restaurant is a popular celebrity haunt in West Hollywood, California. It certainly was a fine dining experience, the service was perfect and the food was delicious, I enjoyed everything…even a raw meat “kibbeh” dish which I was apprehensive to try. Afterwards we headed up to the 40th floor to check out 40 Kong, it is a beautiful venue but was very crowded as anticipated. I think its somewhere you can fully enjoy with a table reservation.

40 kong

40 Kong

It was V-Cloud’s one year anniversary party,  V-Cloud offers a world of unique opportunities, refined tastes and unparalleled exclusivity. It is a one of its kind rewards and privileges program designed to enhance your experience in the lap of luxury. We had a wonderful night at their lavish birthday party.

My most anticipated event was the Latin American festival, it was the first of its kind in Dubai and I was really excited to see what it would be like. I think they underestimated the turnout as it was jam packed but it was a really fun event. It was in an alley in Al Quoz, the street was lined with stalls selling Art, South American food and there were crowds around the salsa dancers who were performing. I picked up a few trinkets and was happy to practice my Spanish. I hope they have more events like that, it was a great night!