Choosing Necklaces for Necklines


Jewellery is not just about colour matching, it’s about wearing a piece that suits your neckline so that it stands out. I stumbled across this great guide so thought I’d share it x

Neon Accessories

Neon Accessories
My wardrobe has definitely brightened up this season! These are a few of my favourite neon accessories x

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are key this Spring, it’s not about elaborate outfits, simple clothes and statement pieces look great. Playful pastels and loud neons are reeling in the summer, here’s a few statement necklaces we snapped up on our spree!




My Fashion Forward Statement Piece

My pearl encrusted “headpiece” attracted some attention at Fashion Forward today, people commented on it throughout the day, saying it was pretty, asking where its from and where I had it put in etc etc…It was actually just an old necklace that I wore in my hair, I placed it on the side  where my parting is and hid the chain at the back under my hair and kept in place with 2 hairgrips…

One of the regions leading designers, Rami Al Ali, said in a talk I attended that “Couture is the space to dream while pret is reality” dreaming in fashion keeps you away from the masses, it gives you a sense of identity while following trends just makes you one of the crowd.

Dare to dream! You don’t have to wear things the way you see them worn, if you think something looks good your probably right. I think its important to be expressive with your style, wear things because YOU like them not because you think others will! That way even if someone else doesn’t like what your wearing you wont care because YOU love it.

Having said that…I do hope my necklace headpieces catch on hahaha

Kisses x