Reflecting On 2013


Gosh! Can’t believe its New Years Eve already, 2013 another year full of ups and downs but I think I’m learning to deal with the downs better, and focus on the ups! Arnhem, Amsterdam, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, London, Dubai, Oman(hahaha). A few weddings, engagements, new babies, new opportunities for me, Zizzle reached new heights and a lot of amazing moments shared with my favourite people. Was a better year then 2012 but had its share of challenges and another big loss 😦 I think I have definitely changed the way I live, I think the most valuable lesson in losing people is to never take anyone for granted. I try to live everyday as if its my last and also treat people as if its their’s, not in a morbid way lol but just in the sense that I take more opportunities and I think twice about my actions, if someone needs me I will literally exhaust every option before saying no. I think sometimes I suffer for that, I am definitely a stronger person then I used to be but I am just as sensitive. I suppose we all have expectations and often people let us down or take advantage of us and it hurts. 2012 taught me how to release negative people in my life but I think this year I have learned that even positive people can have negative influences on us and that its OK to just say “no” sometimes.

I have always been taught to see the best in people to the point where I have brought strangers into my home to help them out. I grew up watching my parents do that, I remember when I was a kid, a family on our road went on holiday and came back to a flooded house, the children of that family went to my school and I went and told my parents what had happened and without thinking twice they came with me and invited them to stay with us, ever since they have been like family to us. People are always telling me I’m too naive and I should change because people take advantage of that but I could never change, it is a core belief of mine that as humans we are equipped to help and support each other. I believe that no matter what our backgrounds, we all have so much to give each other and to learn. Many people don’t realise that by helping others we often gain more from it then they do, not only do we grow through sacrifice but we grow through just simply understanding someone and their circumstances. We gain different perspectives, we only live once and there isn’t enough time to experience everything so sometimes we have to live through others. I suppose for every 5 or 6 people you help, one may take advantage of you but even through that you grow and it shouldn’t stop you it should just teach you to implement limits with people. There are so many atrocities taking place in the world, the news makes me sick, we are all capable of making a change. Just simple things like sending your unwanted clothes to victims of disasters, sending a little money to buy them basic necessities and if not that then at least just lending a helping hand to your neighbours or friends. If we all just took a little more time to make a change imagine what a difference that would make. Lets say 1000 people read this post and all of you did something to help a person you know…that is 1000 peoples lives improved. People are always telling me I can’t change the world but I can and so can you, maybe only in a small way but if we all change it in a small way it will make a BIG difference.

For the first time…maybe since my childhood I felt settled and at home and really happy with my life when I moved to Dubai but even in just a few months it got stagnant. I call it the curse of the Aries “Making things happen is what it’s all about to these folks. Aries are also unafraid of stepping onto new terrain. The challenge inherent in taking on the unknown is heaven on Earth for Rams.” I’m craving an adventure so I’m moving to Peru in two weeks and I’m so excited! I think challenging ourselves is healthy and personal growth is endless, I’m young and wild and free for now, so I might as well make the most of it while I can haha.

Instead of a New Years Resolution, I have made an affirmation, I used to do them for you daily but its been a while so I will remind you, say or write the affirmation at least 3 times every morning/night until it is programmed in your brain. If that is too time consuming just reflect on it in your free time or carry it around as a pick me up in your wallet and read it when you feel you need to recentre:

This is a brand new year, a fresh start for me and a chance to replenish positivity in my life and release negativity. I will wake up every morning thinking happy thoughts or watching videos that make me smile. I am blessed for my amazing circle of people who love me and will make time to show them that they are appreciated. I will fully use my resources to help as many people as I can this year, to improve lives by words, charity or even just a simple smile. I will only use my voice to make a change for the better. I will spend time dwelling on great moments and lessons learned but release things that hurt me. I will love without sacrificing myself. I will live healthily and avoid things that are harmful to me. I will laugh loudly, love wholly and live heartily. I will embrace everything that comes my way because I know I am equipped to deal with it! Woooooooo bring on 2014!!

My favourite Nars Limited Edition Products

Nars have some great limited edition items out in their new collection, I wanted to share some of my favourites with you. You can purchase them by clicking on the photos!


Bright. Bold. Perfectly matte. Vivid ultra-matte and soothing ultra-moisture join forces to create this NARS super-rich, super-pampering, super-sexy lipstick. Pure drama. Pure glamour. Colour so intense in six sumptuous shades.


A limited-edition blush palette featuring an exclusive NARS logo design. Play up cheekbones with a shimmering colour pop. This mosaic of three beautiful colours is perfect for layering on a lustrous highlight or creating a sophisticated sculpted look.



A five-piece travel-size gift set for eyes, lips, and cheeks. This set includes iconic NARS shades for an idyllic island glow, including a limited-edition shade of Laguna lip gloss. This set contains: – 2 x 0.085 oz Blush Duo in Hungry Heart, Orgasm (gold ivory/ peachy pink with golden shimmer) – 0.07 oz Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Skorpios (iridescent copper) – 0.14 oz Lip Gloss in Laguna (bronze) – 0.57 oz Illuminator in Laguna (brown with golden shimmer)

Noon By Noor Spring 2014 Collection #NYFW

Having recently spotted Noon by Noors collection in Dubai Mall’s Harvey Nichols, I was excited to see what the girls had created for Spring 2014 and their collection was definitely a highlight of New York fashion week.

“Spring 2014 is a continuation on from Resort but this season the collection is more polished and sophisticated with hints of that playfulness from the previous season,” described Shaikha Noor.

The show kicked off with some pretty strange colour combinations but as it went on they quickly redeemed themselves with bold colour-blocking on beautiful iridescent fabrics.


odd combinations before the show was tuned to perfection

Floral and leaf prints inspired by Bahrain’s Tree of Life were the concept behind this elegant and sophisticated collection of dresses, jackets and skirts.


I particularly loved the first maxi that made an appearance, the delicate silk and movement had a beautiful jellyfish-like quality. I also loved the silver toned silk shirt combined with the purple leather skirt, they worked so well together, not just the colours but the way the harsh purple leathers presence made the silk look even more delicate. Another favourite was the flourescent orange combined with the midnight blue hotpants that were adorned with gorgeous silk flowers.

noon 3

The star of the show was most definitely the final piece, a cropped white top with a maxi skirt embellished with white silk flowers that merged into black flowers with a crystal centre in an ombre style placement.



Inglot Store Now Open at MOE!

photo (2)

Zizzle attended the opening of the Inglot store in Mall Of The Emirates, Dubai, yesterday and we felt like kids in a candy shop! At a glance the store looks like a colour explosion, turquoises, corals, greens, reds …pretty much every colour in the spectrum all entice you to come and explore the products. The first thing we headed for was the colourplay lipstick stand. We love innovative products and what with colour being such a key part of spring, we loved the idea of wearing colours out of the ordinary on your lips. We limit ourselves to the norm because that is what’s available to us but Inglot have given us the freedom to play with all kinds of colour on your lips!

ing 6

We also loved the idea of the unique Freedom System of creating your own palettes. Since makeup bag explosions are a frequent occurence for us, we liked the idea of choosing your favourite blushes, lipsticks and eyeshadows and putting them in one flat palette so everything is more compact and tailored to your needs!

ing 4

Last but not least we loved the 02m nailvarnishes which are Inglots best selling product. Have you ever had nail varnish on for a prolonged amount of time and then noticed when you remove it your nails are discoloured? This is due to your nails being suffocated by coats of that beautiful shiny laquer that we ladies can’t resist… but now you don’t need to! 02m is the world’s first ever Breathable Nail Enamel ensuring better health care for nails whilst enhancing their beauty and the shades were gorgeous!

ing 5

With 300 stores worldwide you can locate your closest one on their website.

Zizzle at H&M Conscious Launch


I was recently at the H&M Conscious launch in New York at their store in 5th Avenue. It was a great event with Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgeley there supporting the eco-friendly campaign. I went with my mum and cousin (pictured above) and I know it looks like she’s drinking wine in a hijaab…but its just juice so relax yourselves haha.


The latest line was all about producing clothes in a more environmentally friendly way and it was by far my favourite line so far! It was modestly modern with a bohemian twist, 90210’s Jessica Stroup wore my favourite piece to the launch!


Here’s a few of our favourite pieces from the collection:




Read All About It Youtube Cover

I recorded a cover of Read All About It Part III on my Youtube channel so if you like it please share it. I was so excited when I woke up this morning to find that people had shared it, felt like christmas haha. When I first started making videos 4 years ago I was easily getting 100 hits a day sometimes even 1000s but gone are those days. YouTube is now a very competitive place and without your shares my videos will get lost amongst the masses so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for CARING enough to SHARE. You have no idea how happy it made me to see I was back to over 100 a day and that is because of YOU! Of course I appreciate every view and even if 10 of you see it I am happy but when theres more hits it attracts people from the industry also it makes my audience bigger so more people know about me. If more people know about me I can do more shows because theres more demand. Last year it resulted in me getting offered a record deal in New York, if you keep sharing who knows what 2013 may have in store!!

Love to you all xxx

Junk Food = Poison

My bro just sent me a link to the video below, I remember in New York meeting a dentist and her husband and we were randomly talking about how Americans have so much flouride in their tap water and how its so harmful  to people and makes them dosile and controllable. This is a way the government can poison people and its not just America, all sorts of food that is readily available to buy everywhere is full of poisons. Diet drinks, crisps, chewing gum…allsorts!This video is shocking and I hope it opens your eyes. Why do you hear of so many more people getting cancer then when you were younger? Because there ARE more and its because we all eat and drink the wrong things without even questioning what is inside it. Please watch this video and share it with people : Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed by scientist Alex Jones

He mentions about the findings of Silly Putty in chicken nuggets…as in that dough stuff that we used to play with and that led to the discovery of this video of how Mcdonalds can be left out for 180 days and it will look the same…it doesn’t rot …YUCK. I know you might think this is an extreme blog lol but you can actually go buy a happy meal and try it yourself to find out if its true or not. This is the results of an experiment conducted by someone to see how a Mcdonalds happy meals appearance would change over 6 months…it will shock you. And here is a video to demonstrate.

I hope this opens yours eyes and you share it with the people you care about 🙂

Touched By Cancer

Last week I was on top of the world when I heard my cousin was in Remission!! When we discovered he had Cancer at such a young age I think we were all shocked by it and a few weeks later we discovered my grandmother also has cancer. Its been a really tough time for us all but I think its taught us to appreciate each other and live in the moment.

Over a year ago my housemate Pete lost his battle to Cancer, he was diagnosed in December 2009 and within a year it claimed his life at the tender age of just 20. He had an amazing positive attitude and when I visited him he showed me his scrapbook of how he was making an art project documenting his journey through cancer. He was studying illustration and he was damn good at it, he would always make little comic strips at home or sketch us while we were sitting watching TV. I was so amazed by how even in Cancer he found the silver lining, he somehow found a way to turn what was happening to him into a work of art. He was so full of life and I was lucky to know him, there is never a day that goes by where I don’t think of him.

Today I stumbled on the touching story of a man named Angelo Merendino. He married a lady named Jennifer and 5 months after they married she was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly after their one year anniversary they were given the amazing news that she was cleared of cancer. Unfortunately the cancer came back in her brain and after just 4 years of their life together, she died at the age of 40.

Angelo decided to make a photo documentary, “The Battle We Didn’t Choose” following her fight against cancer. Angelo began the project as a way for family and friends in Ohio to understand what Jennifer was experiencing after phone calls and e-mails didn’t seem to portray the intensity of the situation — or produce a response.

Although she found it difficult being the subject of his project she said ‘I don’t want to hide anything, I want to help others — not just women, but anyone with cancer.’”
Angelo wants the world to know Jennifer’s story, he said, things about Jennifer that he loved. For instance, in the midst of her turmoil, she started a dragon boat racing team for cancer survivors.
“I want people to know about real heroes, someone who had something thrown at her and responded. That kind of hero.” He also wants people to appreciate every moment. He wants women to get mammograms and men to do self-checks. He wants people to be more aware of others’ suffering — to know that sometimes you don’t have to know what to say. Sometimes you just say, “I love you.”

He will exhibit his work in New York on January 26. And he’ll continue working as a documentary photographer. I have attached some of Angelo’s photos, you can see the rest on his site (theres a link above)

We can all help by donating to cancer charities, in the last few years cancer treatment has really advanced to be able to save lives like my cousins and that is all through donations that enable scientists to research new treatments.

This is the hospital that helped support Pete and they have there own charity:

Here is a link to Cancer Research:

Every little helps, remember by donating you could be saving lives and stopping people in the future going through what Angelo had to.

Zohra x

Diary Extract – New York Performance Day 20/10/11


So I woke up with this calmness lingering in the air which was soooooo scary for some reason. I didn’t like that my butterflies had fluttered away and everything was in place! I had no idea what I should be doing so me and my brother decided to go shopping and get some lunch. When we left the hotel I suddenly remembered I had lots of little things to get so it became a mad rush and it was raining hard so it was just horrible walking around.

We got back to the hotel at about 4pm leaving me 3 hours to get ready. I plugged in my hairdryer and straighteners into my converter and flicked the switch…nothing! No little flashing red light, no heat, no nothing….THEY WEREN’T WORKING!! So my phone charger, laptop and camera charger works here but the most important things don’t. Cue the butterflies, the butterflies were having a party in my stomach and I was running around trying to find a way, calling people, front desk ANYONE but it just wern’t happening. My hair is not my friend, it never does what I want it to even with my tools so what was I gonna do now? I just put some product in it and backcombed it so the wildness looked like it was supposed to be there….o gawdddd. All the press were gonna be there, CNN, Music channels..everyone important and I realised I will probably be known as “the girl with the bad hair”. All the fears suddenly surfaced, the negative thoughts just spiralled and I was asking myself whether people would just talk over me when I sang, whether I would fall because everyone kept telling me I shouldnt wear the 7 inch Kurt Geigers because of the safety hazard they pose, whether when I spoke to the audience they would react, whether they would boo me offstage, whether they would understand my English accent and I would get sent home like Cheryl Cole haha.

We walked into the venue and the press were taking pics of all these people on the red carpet, this woman stood there and the press went wild so I asked someone who she is and she was the owner of Calvin Klein apparantly…silly me..I thought that would be Calvin Klein lol. The bar was rammed, people were taking advantage of the open bar and I relaxed a little knowing that would probably work to my advantage because I imagined a sit down event where people were quiet and poised and that was scary to think I’d be singing and these people would just be deadly silent watching me. I was gonna finish the show after Pras and Wyclef, someone came up to me and said, “I heard Wyclefs opening for you” LOLLLLLLL he was supposed to hahahaa which I find hilarious but apparantly he had better things to do because he never showed up which was really disappointing but hey ho. So Pras showed his film and did a speech, his father passed away in the morning and he still came to support Haiti which I thought was really amazing. Then I was introduced by Ines Ferre from CNN and she explained that I’d come from London just for this event and everyone started cheering and were really welcoming. So I sang Who You Are by Jessie J and they all listened and swayed and I got them to sing the chorus with me. There’s a really long instrumental break so I spoke to them in that time asked if they were enjoying themselves and they went wild and reminded them why we’re here and that if we all contribute we can make Haiti a brighter place and they seemed really engaged which was great. Afterwards many people came up to me and said they really enjoyed it and I was SOOOOOOOOOO happy 🙂 I’m really glad I came here and I hope I get more amazing opportunities like this one. I had my moment on the red carpet, it was blinding and I was scared to step onto it coz they are all just standing in a line waiting but once I was there it was really fun haha I gave them a few twirls, I felt quite at home hahaha.

Thank You ALL for your support, messages and luck 🙂 I really appreciate it!!!!!

I’m off now, byeeeee xxx