New Bright Red Lipstick

I just got a new lipstick from YSL, its Rouge Pur Couture in shade no. 1 le rouge. It has a lovely creamy texture and a nice finish, neither matt nor gloss… just perfect šŸ™‚Ā I don’t usually wear bright red lipstick as I have quite full lips so it often looks too much but if I do I always just do a simple eye-liner and mascara and finish with a dusting of bronzer as blushers justĀ make it all look too much.


A Glam 20 minute make-over


I loved this makeover because Amber is such a girl next door character that it was fun to see her glammed up. Her daily make-up regime is a liquid liner and a little mascara and actually that is more then enough to make her look great. I wanted a look that would surprise her so I decided to open her eyes up by putting a dark shadow in the crease of her eye lid. I usedĀ a beige Givenchy liner inside her water line and a darkĀ brown eye pencil under her lower lash line. This creates the illusion of bigger eyes and Amber had never tried it before but she loved it.

It is often difficult to find the best red lipstick to suit your skin tone and its just a case of experimenting, In winter I like deeper reds as I am less tanned which creates a nice contrast but in summer I can get away with more corals and orangey reds. Amber could pull of a bright red lipstick perfectly and as I had used light golden tones on her eyes, a bright lip didn’t overwhelm her face. I finished with some bronzer on her cheeks and a subtle contour down the centre of her nose.

MAC Red Red Red Collection

MAC’s Red Red Red collectionĀ couldn’t have launched at a more perfect time for me. Last night I was watching a documentary on Geisha’s and watching them do their make-up made me want to transform somebody’s face into a Geisha (Any Volunteers?). I learned that they painted their faces white because in the olden days when their was no light their faces would glow in the candle light and show all their best features.

They have a gorgeous set of red shades in this collection and the peachy blushes are the perfect accompaniment!