Al Maeda Iftar

Zizzle went down to the Al Maeda restaurant at DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai to try the delicious Iftar Buffet.

The dishes were traditionally inspired and included an array of the most delectable North African and Levant dishes. We were spoilt for choice with Chef Lawrence crafting over 20 dishes to choose from. The Emirati Artist Ahmed Al Muhairi is showcasing his work throughout the month which also adds to the authentic cultural and traditional experience of this iftar. For every 100dhs spent you will be entered into a draw to win a Mussandam Dhow Cruise for two.

A Ramadan room package is available for travellers planning to visit Dubai during Ramadan. Prices for a one bedroom suite inclusive of Iftar and Sohour start at AED440 per person (rates are subject to 10% tourism fee, 10% service charge and AED15 tourism dirham per bedroom per night) and can be booked at DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai – Jumeirah Beach website.

Al Maeda restaurant will be offering Iftar buffet and Sohour every day during the month of Ramadan with live cooking station, live entertainment during Iftar, boarding games available upon request, TV screens and shisha offered in the terrace. The iftar buffet will be served every day from sunset to 9:00pm, Sohour will be available from 9:00pm to 2:00am. It is inclusive of Ramadan drinks AED 139. Sohour A-la-carte menu offers Standard Platter AED 69 and Premium Platter AED 89.

A special rate of AED119 will be offered to guests booking before 6th of May and to all guest dining during the first week of Ramadan. Special Group Iftars rates are also available.

Often buffets lack quality but the dishes were well seasoned and cooked to perfection with a great selection. You definitely need more then one visit to sample all the dishes, the ambience was spot on and we will definitely be going back for more!

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DSC01337DSC01735 (1)FullSizeRender[1]Nestled on the palm at the waters edge, Senara has the most idyllic location and the sunset makes for some great dinnertime viewing. The concept is homegrown in the UAE and the chef brings a British flair to the menu.

Senara’s signature dishes include an array of fresh fish dishes daily.  We tried the delicious fish & chips and it did not disappoint. The fish was fresh and the batter had a delectable crunch, accompanied by mushy peas and chips. Had it not been for the paradisical setting I would have felt right at home. The menu boasts buckets of muscles and oysters and a mouth-watering lobster linguini. We sampled the desserts and they were all delicious, especially the baked cheesecake and if you have a real sweet-tooth then the sticky date pudding is a worthy treat.

You can find Senara at Palm Views West (If you are following Google Maps, enter Palm Views as the saved location as Senara was incorrect.) For table reservations call 04 451 6460

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Dusty’s Review


This beautiful bar and restaurant has been the talk of DIFC since it opened. Located in the Al Fattan Currency House, Dusty’s has a gorgeous interior adorned with abstract urban artwork and pops of colour. The outdoor seating in the terrace garden was also lovely and very different to the inside. With wooden decking and surrounded by water fountains, it had a very Zen like atmosphere with the DJ playing smooth grooves. I loved the vibe and we were super excited to get stuck in to the menu!

For appetizers we had the delicious Lobster tacos that were a combination of a ceviche and a mango salsa that had an amazing balance topped of with a crunch. The Burrata was everything we hoped for, nicely formed, slightly wobbly in the middle and deliciously creamy. The Garlic Prawns were nice and you can’t go wrong with the combination of Beetroot and goats cheese in a salad. We enjoyed the array of appetizers and grooved to the amazing music as we waited for the mains.


For mains we had the Seafood Linguine, Black Cod, Dusty’s Red Chicken and a side of spinach. The Black Cod was my favourite, perfectly cooked with a slightly sweet glaze and it melted in your mouth just as it should. The Linguine was also delicious, embellished with fresh sea critters, it was yummy! Dusty’s red chicken is a signature dish and I have to say I didn’t love it like I loved everything else. It was nice but we both felt it was a little bland and maybe needed a bit longer marinating however as you can imagine we were stuffed to the brim anyway. I have to tell you again the DJ was playing some tunes, a few throwback oldschool R&B numbers and then a little Madonna and then a bit of Basement Jaxx, his ladies night playlist was on point and we were dancing in our seats.

So…dessert time came around and I was absolutely stuffed and said I couldn’t but they still brought us one of everything and of course we managed to try all of it! Creme Brulee is one of my favourites and I find something so satisfying about cracking that caramelised sugar layer on top, I think I enjoy that as much as I enjoy eating it so I had fun with the trio, it was great! Then the fondant…I can’t even begin to describe how the chocolate oozed out as we cut into it but yea it was a good fondant…and then we tucked into the daddy of desserts – The Candy Station. It looked like they had plucked it out of Alice In Wonderland, I didn’t want to eat it because it looked so magical…but we did. The chocolate fondue with strawberries was yummy and the little cake pops were delectable.

We couldn’t move for an hour we stayed there 🙂 I really enjoyed my experience at Dustys, a great meal with the perfect ambience and I am looking forward to going back soon!




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The Re-opening of Zaman Awal

Al Boom Tourist Village has opened its doors with a new extension, Zaman Awal, it captures the true heritage of Dubai boasting the first commercial dhow to ever set sail down the Creek.

The venue is simply breathtaking, positioned creek-side, the views are unbelievable and so quiet compared to the creek by heritage village. The set-up is also great and I really enjoyed the calm, ambient setting. The first ever commercial Dhow to cruise down the creek, Al Aref, now sits proudly on the land and you can dine inside or explore the museum underneath it which has a collection of authentic artifacts.

The restaurant is huge and the walls are adorned with traditional relics making the place quirky yet authentic.  The chairman explained that most restaurants in Dubai cater to the tourists palette, however Zaman Awal makes dishes the way locals enjoy them. It is one of the few places I have visited in Dubai that has an air of nostalgia and reminds you of days gone by.

Mattar bin Lahej, a local artist that contributed to design elements of the venue said, “Al Boom Tourist Village spans over 6 hectares of land, with this premiere destination sitting in close proximity to the cultural landmarks, Dubai Creek, Wonderland and Garhoud Bridge whilst overlooking the modern architectural icon – The Burj Khalifa, worlds tallest building. In addition to its signature restaurant, the venue offers many other reasons for tourists and locals to visit. Each of these elements have been designed keeping in mind the true artifacts of an Emirati lifestyle and aims to take visitors back in time to the history of our land.

The Freej Village inspired by the famous cartoons has also opened which features the characters amongst heritage sites and retail spaces.

Mohammed Saeed Harib, creator of Freej cartoon. Another interesting addition to the venue is the Dara ship, also known as the Gulfs Titanic. Very few people in the region are aware about the history behind this ship, adding it to the venue will allow people to learn more about the travel history of Dubai. The Dara ship was used for travelling purposes along the Gulf countries and it carried from about 850 to 1000 people, the ship sank in the Persian Gulf in 1961 due to an explosion. Many rescued passengers were brought back to Dubai and were treated for injuries at Al Maktoum Hospital.

Dubai Women’s Association will set up a bazaar with merchandise, further enhancing the true cultural experience for all visitors. You can also take dhow cruises for dinner and touring around the Creek. Sailing in traditional boats is also offered at the venue, offering a full recreational experience for the entire family.

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Crab Tavern

DSC_0028Crab Tavern just launched a new menu and I was SO excited to sample it. As I walked in I sensed a strong  London vibe and the manager told me the concept was born there. It was casual with a really nice energy about it and the views were great.

We began with the Seafood and Crab Platter which was enormous! It had prawns, calamari, crab legs, claws and potted crab. When I saw it I knew it would be a really fun plate of food for us to eat, one that you just have to get stuck into and lots of dips and different things to try. It was absolutely delicious, the crab was fresh and cooked to perfection and I wrestled with my King Crab until only the shell remained. It was the best crab I have had in Dubai and if I went back that platter would definitely be what I ordered, everything was fresh, simple and delicious.

DSC_0012DSC_0018For mains we went for the soft shell crab burger and the fish and chips, the burger was too fishy for my liking but the fish and chips were golden, crispy and just like they should be, a taste of home.

Dessert time came and we couldn’t decide so they brought us a trio of desserts which were all unbelievable but the pecan tart was definitely the one!

If you are looking for some great, simple, fresh seafood and a fun night out, I would highly recommend Crab Tavern in the Media One Hotel.

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Texas De Brazil Food Review

Texas De Brazil Texas De Brazil Texas De Brazil Texas De Brazil Texas De Brazil

I was so looking forward to doing a food review of Texas de Brazil, it’s located in the new expansion of Mall of the Emirates on the 2nd floor. I loved the concept, you take your plate to the amazing buffet of cheese, salad and veggies and help yourself to whatever sides you want. Then go back to your table where you find these double sided counters for each person:

Texas De Brazil

If you are ready to try the 14 different varieties of meat, flip your counter to the green side and the gauchos will come over with skewers of meat and you choose which cut of steak you want from it and they slice it straight onto your plate. The sirloin was my favourite and the chicken was also really good! They had prawns, lamb shanks, lamb chops and many different steak cuts. When you have enough on your plate you can flip the counter to the red side and the gauchos will not bother you while you enjoy your feast. It was yummy, even the sides were amazing from the buffet! They were so fresh and delicious and there were so many different salsas and dressings to choose from.

Texas De Brazil Texas De Brazil
Texas De Brazil Texas De Brazil Texas De Brazil

Then it was dessert time!! The creme brulee was to die for, and the banana and caramel dessert was good too, there was nothing that disappointed me and it was just fun, easy dining. I would highly recommend a trip to Texas De Brazil.

Texas De Brazil Texas De Brazil

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Soul Restaurant Review

Soul is a contemporary restaurant located in the Movenpick JBR which serves classic American dishes and is famed for its steaks. The decor style reminds me a lot of Tribeca, modern with classic touches, dining sections are separated by hanging chains and the walls are adorned with abstract bursts of art. We sat in the outside section so we could listen to the live Jazz singer, Al fresco dining by the pool with live music, what more could a girl ask for? Well maybe for the singer to be a little closer to us but it was actually nice to be able to talk and hear each other while she performed ambient background music.

We were served fresh warm bread with cute little packs of butter sealed with the tiniest clothes peg in the world. This was followed by a surprise canapé from the chef, it was an incredible braised lamb that just melted in your mouth. This was all building up to the most beautiful starters, they were so pretty, I spent longer taking pictures of them then eating them. The Grilled Asparagus with a Lobster croustillant, cecina ham, quail egg and hollandaise sauce tasted as good as it looked, the crab cakes were nice, I preferred the avocado to the red pepper beurre.

We ordered prime striploin steaks since steak was the speciality, unfortunately a little overcooked but still delicious especially with the sides. The meat was really fresh and well-seasoned, it had an incredible flavour. The parmesan truffle fries and sautéed root vegetables were delicious, in fact we loved all the sides, the creamy spinach and asparagus were also things I would order again. We were literally stuffed but they insisted we try dessert, the famous chocolate soufflé that takes half an hour to prepare and the salted caramel tiramisu was what we went for. OMG that tiramisu was amazing, I don’t why it’s called that because I don’t like Tiramisu and we almost didn’t order it but the waitress explained the caramel is a coffee substitute and it doesn’t have coffee in it. I would literally go back just for that because it was divine. The soufflé was also delicious and fluffy, like a HUGE chocolate cloud but it was really rich and definitely the kind of dessert you have if you are not eating anything else.

I would definitely recommend soul, the starters and desserts were my favourite courses and I loved the setting, decadent but it still had a very chilled out vibe.


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Bertin Bistro

I walked in enticed by that wonderful smell of baking wafting through the doors, greeted by the yummiest looking pastries, pain perdu and breads. Alongside was the French style Bistro with dishes such as the signature six-hour cooked lamb, Eggs Benedict and the dish which the restaurants foundations lay – the Pain Perdu. Downstairs you can enjoy home style modest favourites a la carte and freshly baked breads and pastries.

As I walked upstairs I felt like I had come to a different restaurant, I was suddenly in an Andalusian lounge with the exotic smell of shisha wafting around. That is when I was given my menu and read the Bertin story, a tale of love. Downstairs was based on Selena, Bertins first love in Alsace, unfortunately she ended up marrying his best friend but we are so happy that the yummy Pain Perdu was born out of his love for trying to make her the perfect recipe. Later he met Esmeralda in Morocco and upstairs was an ode to her, a cute story that drew the place together.

I loved how chilled it was, huge comfy sofas, finger foods to share and the best shisha I have had in ages!  We tried a mixture of everything as it all sounded amazing and when it arrived, it did not disappoint. The merguez was amazing, a dish that is usually not my favourite but it was so fresh and seasoned to perfection. The flat-bread was also yummy as were the peppers but there was no room to sample the tagines, paella de mariscos or other yummy dishes so we will definitely be heading back! We saved room for the piece de resistance – the pain perdu. It was similar to a bread and butter pudding but you sprinkle rock salt over it and pour caramel on top and OMG there was a party in my mouth! Make sure you head to Bertin’s to experience this gooey deliciousness!

If you are a shisha lover they had some of the best shisha I have ever had, I usually will have a little of someone else’s but it was so smooth and the flavour was really intense so I had one all to myself! You can also buy your own shisha pipe which comes customised with your name in the beautiful leather Bertin case (see picture above). It was a really nice place with great food, ambience and concept and I will definitely be visiting again.

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Tribeca Dubai Food Review

DSC_1117  DSC_1111 DSC_1109 DSC_1108 I just came back from a meal at Tribeca Kitchen and Bar and thought I should give you all food envy by sharing my delicious experience. This New York inspired hotspot is fast becoming my local haunt, I even kicked off my birthday celebrations there this year. It is such a wonderfully creative space that just captures that NY swag, the graffiti art, lighting set in plumbing pipes and the antique inspired furniture with an urban chic twist are just some of the charming quirks. I have to say the fact that it has a platform to showcase local talent is a big plus point for me. Us Dubaians just don’t have enough spaces to display our home-grown talent and I feel this little piece of New York is very welcome to park on JBR. Now the good part…FOOOD! So another reason I love it is because It filled a gap for a funky organic eatery. The kitchen is headed by award winning Chef Giovanni De Ambrosis, who passionately couples exquisite food with artistic form, hailing inspiration from Mediterranean cultures and fusing them with American Contemporary Cuisine.The bar features all the classic beverages as well as organic wines and signature cocktail options. Tribeca is committed to organic produce wherever possible and I loved the simplicity of there menus – paper pinned to a piece of cardboard with a clothes peg and it actually looks really cool, all these little touches of using recycled building materials wherever possible display Tribeca’s commitment to global sustainability. DSC_1135 DSC_1125 DSC_1127 DSC_1123DSC_1137 The meal was delicious, I think you can always taste the difference with organic food! The Burrata was to die for and the Prawns with Polenta in A Coconut Sauce were yummy! Chef Giovanni cooked the Beef Tenderloin to perfection, it was literally melt in your mouth amazing and the Honey Glazed Chilean Sea Bass was also divine, the sweetness really worked with the fish. All finished with delicious desserts, the apple crumble with Ice cream tasted like Christmas in a bowl and my partner in crime was stumped with her dessert because she had no idea how to eat her deconstructed cheesecake tower but when she finally figured it out it was also amazing, the sourness of the passion-fruit coulis complemented the sweet creamed cheese and crumble. Yea we ended the night in a food coma, you should definitely check it out if you are in JBR, (in the JA Oceanview Hotel.)DSC_1140DSC_1144DSC_1142 DSC_1143