Formula X Delete All Nail Polish Remover

A new nail brand has crept into Sephora and it delivers  original colours and long wear with the legendary no compromise formula that will surpass all your expectations.

Formula X Delete All Five-finger Nail-polish Remover - AED 120I was blown away by the Delete All 5 Finger Nail Polish Remover. It has a five finger soak where you place a nail in each pocket and just pull them out after a few seconds, my nail polish disappeared after 2 dips (about 8 seconds) and I was gob smacked!  

Its great for travelling as its spill proof and in a small container making it easy to transport. I was pretty shocked to find it priced at AED 120, no matter how much I love it I can’t justify spending £20 on a nail polish remover…you know what to get me for my birthday now 🙂 

I had a polish change using Formula X nail polish a week ago today and only one has a chip that was actually self inflicted. X Formula is definitely a premium brand and the quality speaks for itself, I have actually never seen such results from nail products and I am looking forward to getting more acquainted with them in April when they will be exclusively available in Sephora!



I have naturally wild, unruly, frizzy and dry hair and after all the hair-dyeing and blow drying that I subject it to…it is a hot mess. It is such a battle for me to try and find something to tame my hair and when I do, I wear it wild and proud because the frizz calms down and then I can get away with my untamed waves. My hair was always one of the things I hated about my appearance most, but it is finally growing on me …quite literally. I suppose all these big hair trends made me feel more comfortable and my friends are always telling me that people pay to have hair like mine so I have begun to realise that I am lucky. I think we need to do that more…to learn to love our imperfections and realise they are what make us unique.

So on the subject of nurturing my hair I decided to invest in the KÉRASTASE RÉSISTANCE THÉRAPISTE range. It is quite expensive but I have to say well worth it, if your hair sounds like mine then you should give it a shot. I  asked for samples first at my salon and the results were undeniable so I went back and bought it. This range is for very damaged, over-processed hair and the science within the formula literally restores your hair. It contains FIBRA KAP which is a powerful complex that compensates for missing KAPs (Keratin Associated Proteins) and it has a plant extract which revives hair after 10 years of near death. It is literally hair SOS and I swear my hair feels like it has been resuscitated. I can feel it getting shinier and healthier after every shampoo. I previously used Kerastase for years but my hair eventually became immune to it so I switched and this new formula is literally amazing. I will probably change after these bottle finish because I really believe that your hair gets used to a product and becomes resistant but I will 100% go back to it after mixing it up a little.

The products are available to purchase at professional hair salons.

Crab Tavern

DSC_0028Crab Tavern just launched a new menu and I was SO excited to sample it. As I walked in I sensed a strong  London vibe and the manager told me the concept was born there. It was casual with a really nice energy about it and the views were great.

We began with the Seafood and Crab Platter which was enormous! It had prawns, calamari, crab legs, claws and potted crab. When I saw it I knew it would be a really fun plate of food for us to eat, one that you just have to get stuck into and lots of dips and different things to try. It was absolutely delicious, the crab was fresh and cooked to perfection and I wrestled with my King Crab until only the shell remained. It was the best crab I have had in Dubai and if I went back that platter would definitely be what I ordered, everything was fresh, simple and delicious.

DSC_0012DSC_0018For mains we went for the soft shell crab burger and the fish and chips, the burger was too fishy for my liking but the fish and chips were golden, crispy and just like they should be, a taste of home.

Dessert time came and we couldn’t decide so they brought us a trio of desserts which were all unbelievable but the pecan tart was definitely the one!

If you are looking for some great, simple, fresh seafood and a fun night out, I would highly recommend Crab Tavern in the Media One Hotel.

Crab Tavern Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Vichy Ideal Soleil, Dry Oil

Ideal Soleil dry oil PR

Vichy’s dry oil was perfect for my trip to Madrid, the 40 degree sun was hot and I definitely needed the long-wave UVA protection that Vichys formulation includes. It eliminates 75% of all UV leading to a luminous tan and softer and smoother skin. Never underestimate sun protection, going into the sun without it increases the risk of cancer and prematurely ages the skin so always make sure you have yours on.

I love spray bottles, they are so much easier and quicker to apply and I like how the formula is light and not sticky or oily. The oil fast absorbs into your skin leaving you with a glowing complexion and it has a pleasant fragrance. I have always opted for oil over cream and Vichy’s is not thick or hard work to rub in as others I have used in the past. Oil is reflective and tans you much faster and evenly, this product is definitely going to become a staple in my beach bag.

Sephora Make-up Haul Tried and Tested

Yesterday I had a bit of a make-up haul in Sephora! I am always excited to get home and try my new goodies out and that is exactly what I did!!

I had never tried Marc Jacobs make-up before and the Make-up Forever HD concealer I use in shade 335 is always sold out so I decided to look for a new one. I have quite oily skin and had heard that the Marc Jacobs ReMarcable concealer is Oil free, instead it contains a special blend of soy protein, shea butter, and coconut extract. I loved the way it felt on my skin, I also use Bobbi Browns concealer and this one is similar but a lot lighter in texture, not as thick and creamy and great for building coverage. Recently my circles have gotten quite dark so I opted for the pot rather then the lighter coverage pen and I am really happy with it. Remember to always set your concealer with a powder to prevent cracks forming and try and carry a beauty blender to smooth it all back into place on a night out.


I absolutely love the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon too, the shade of black is really intense and when you first apply it you can smudge it for a smoky look but after it sets and it wont budge, exactly what you need in this humid weather! If you have oily skin its always better to finish with a little black eye-shadow on top to absorb any excess moisture and stop lines forming on your lid.


I have used Benefits Bad Gal mascara for years and I have tried Real Eyes but I just love the wand on Bad Gal, it thickens, lengthens lifts and separates which is all you need from a mascara.


I tried Sephora Extreme Liquid Lipstick in shade 10, it looks great but it dries very sticky and has a horrible texture. I managed to solve this problem by dabbing a creamy lipstick on top. My lip tip is to always use a liner to accentuate your cupids bow and then fill your lips in and really go as high as you can into your cupids bow to get that definition.


I picked up Sephora’s Pro Angled Liner Brush #22 Its great for liner but for this tutorial I used it to fill in my eyebrows. I also picked up a replacement Pro Angled Blush Brush #49. Mine had seen better days and I love the angle for contouring and the fluffiness to blend.

I definitely would re-stock on all of them except the sticky liquid lipstick! Feel free to leave your comments and questions.

A Feast at Don Al Fonso

We were super excited to try Don Al Fonso’s Michelin star 5 course degustation menu! The celebrity chef hosted his dinner with his wife and they talked us through each course that was served. It was no surprise when I learned they had won the Ospitalita Italiana award last year which certifies authentic Italian cuisine around the world. It really was a taste of Italy, even the Olive Oil was divine and the ingredients were sourced from regions in Italy to which each dish was typical.

Not only was it delicious but it drove home the term “feast your eyes”, the presentation was immaculate and we felt bad eating some of the courses as it felt like we were ruining this piece of art on our plates. If you want to try the most authentic Italian food in Dubai, we suggest you head to Don Alfonso in the Shangri La SZR!

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Born Into Brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids

I just watched this fascinating documentary giving you a peek into the lives of the children of Prostitutes in India. It is so unbelievably sad that just being born into a certain family, stipulates your entire life! It makes me eternally grateful for my circumstances in life. I often think of who I would be if I was born into the same family just 3 generations back and I don’t think I would have had the chance to be me. Cultures and times dictate behaviours and create norms and often it is hard to relate to and understand those that you are unaccustomed to. Do you ever think about how different your life would be if you were born in a different place at a different time? It is hard to comprehend that these children were given an opportunity to break free of their suppression and their families couldn’t let them.

I was very touched by the Directors Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski , what an incredible woman to spend years of her life living in that red light district and fighting for those children. She is a real inspiration and I hope by watching this documentary it shows you the power of a persons will to do good. She uses an art-form to give those children hope and encouragement of a brighter future ❤

I watch a documentary almost every day, I will share my favourite ones with you more often as I believe they are so eye-opening and a lot better investment of time then watching Celebrity Big Brother :p haha

Zohra x

Toujouri at Fashion Forward

A great collection should be like a great outfit, it should have clear direction and an element that draws it all together and Lama El-Moatassem did that perfectly. The designer often draws on her Palestinian heritage and this collection beautifully showcased the traditional art of Palestinian cross stitch embroidery and various motifs that symbolize women’s social status and regional origins. Her collection told a story, the faded pastels represented the spring of hope and spirit of what is left of an art-form passed through generations.

Despite infusing a sense of tradition and identity, Toujouri very much appeals to the modern woman. The silk organza and crepe de chine were constructed through fabric bonding enabling some pieces to be reversible and double coloured. I loved the contrast of the yellow and blue motifs on the cream fabric. The way the dresses fell and the movement of the capes was beautiful. The elegance of the midi length dresses and the way the sequins dazzled in the light was stunning. I managed to get a sneaky close up backstage so you can see the detail.


Can’t wait for the next collection!

The Emperor 1688 at Fashion Forward

I was really excited for The Emperor 1688’s collection titled Brideshead Re-visited after Evelyn Waugh’s classic novel. They always have such beautifully made clean cut suits but It’s also the great story behind the brand. These three dashing brothers all went off to London to study Fashion and Design and collaborated to create this amazing brand – you automatically just love them!

As soon as the show began I could totally see the collection featured at A Made In Chelsea garden party. The sharp tailoring and summery prints and colours were very reminiscent of the aristocracy during the early 1930’s and I loved the very British schoolboy swag. A few of the shorts seemed a little ill fitted which was a shame (maybe just a casting error) but overall I loved the collection and that fresh sense of revival of summer and refinery that it packaged so well.

The materials the boys choose are always so elegant, bold and beautiful. Italian silk celebrated with elaborate prints and blazers constructed with traditional English and Scottish spun wools. The women’s-wear was spot on too, all very ready to wear and oozed all the appeal of androgyny while still remaining sexy with the sheer shirts and floral and frill detail.

Maybelline Beauty Box



A big thank you to Maybelline for my box of goodies! I have now tried and tested them all and I have to say I loved every item. The 14 hour Superstay lipstick in shade 065 Ravishing Rouge is a beautiful deep red that has a lot of staying power. The mascara is really volumising and defining and I loved the texture of the gel liner and the brush that comes with it is a great shape and size. You can use the brush on its side for a thin line or flat for a thicker eyeliner.

There was a really nice array of colours available in the color show nail laquer, they were great at first but sadly chipped within a day so you would have to use them with a really good top coat.

I would definitely re-purchase the eyeliner and have always been a fan of their lipsticks, I have many of the colour sensation range but really like the new 14hr more matte colours.