Imagination Is The Key To Success


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A few years ago I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, the essence of the book is to understand The Law of Attraction. The belief that “If you see it in your mind you’re going to hold it in your hands.” This law stipulates that we get whatever we ask for providing we ask for it whole heartedly and believe that we will get it. The law of attraction is a principal law to understand in many spiritual books. The Secret also describes a vision board– a board that you fill with your goals and keep in a place you see everyday. I did this, I spent hours cutting things out of magazines – holiday articles of places I’d like to go, Grammy awards, make-up, bags, clothes, shoes, smiley faces, hot models that I stuck my face on (worth a shot) anyways

all the things within my reach at that moment happened. I also found I was more conscious of my musical journey, I’d post my links more often, spend more time writing, promoting and a huge opportunity musically came my way! Still got a lot to work on in regards to the model figure but I’m definitely more conscious of what I put into my body, calories, E-numbers, vitamins. For me the vision board worked wonders, it made things I wanted visual, and the literal daily reminders guided me.

There are still things on my vision board that I’m far from achieving but it keeps me focussed. I think also for people my age that have just come out of education, life can be harder then we anticipate because we aren’t sure which direction we want to go in. Compiling my vision board actually gave me a clear vision of what I wanted and helped me figure things out.
What I really want to stress to you is how much we underestimate our imagination. Imagination is one of the greatest gifts given to us and it is a very powerful tool when used correctly. Tony Robbins demonstrates this by “the hot coal walk”. In his seminars he invites the thousands of attendees to come and walk across red hot coals and he tells them that as long as they believe they’ll be ok, as long as they imagine reaching the other side without being burnt, that will materialise. In these seminars the few people he can’t convince, the negative thinkers who keep telling themselves they’re going to get burnt are the handful of people who do. Set your sights on what you want and imagine it. Imagine it using all of your senses, close your eyes and imagine how it will look, smell, taste, feel and sound. Keep that vision clear in your mind. In the book I’m reading at the moment by Russell Simmons (my signed edition hehe) Do You! He says,

“When sailors used to get lost in a storm, they’d always look for the North Star for guidance. They could use that star to help them get their bearings because it never moved in the sky. You have to use your vision in the same way.”

Some people believe in a Universal Power, some people believe in an Ultimate Power – whatever you believe in Ask and you shall

receive, Just be sure to give back 🙂

English: Russell Simmons at the 2008 MTV Video...

English: Russell Simmons at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)