Wandering On the Edge


Love Yourself

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Some of those quotes might seem really negative when you first read them, but read them again and let them empower you. It ties in with the last quote I posted. Realise that nobody will love you the way you should love yourself, that most of our issues with other people stem from the inability to be adequate for ourselves, if you really knew your own worth, you wouldn’t hang around long enough to allow somebody to make you feel like that. I’m not just talking about relationships with a partner, I’m talking about friends, family, colleagues…all kinds of relationships.

Sometimes when I feel upset or let down, I think somebody else has made me feel like that, but really I allowed them to. I think many of us have had countless people who we really love, that we would do anything for, make us feel that we just do not matter to them and it really hurts but ask yourself why? Its probably because you gave too much…there was probably a point months or years ago where you should have stopped but because you are family or have been friends forever you didn’t want to. Expectations hurt and its best to only have them for people that have a track record of never letting you down, of course this changes as we “grow up” but I think you should always be aware of having people in your life with the purpose to water your soul. Surround yourself with people who help you grow, who make you laugh louder, who make you see the world in a different light but most importantly, remember nobody will feed your soul like you can so learn to love yourself ❤

I will leave you with this video from the amazing Mastin Kipp