Let Life Guide You


We all have an idea of how our lives should be and it’s funny how sometimes the harder we try the further away from the idea we end up. I have found that when I set my goal and let life take me there the way it wants to, it’s more fun and I actually achieve my goal. Once that idea is solid, our subconscious works towards getting it anyway

There’s never a better time to re-tune!


I can’t believe it’s already the 2nd of May!! This year is flying by, take a moment to remind yourself of your goals this year (I call it re-tuning). If you don’t keep your goals prevalent in your mind you will wander aimlessly through the year, lets make 2013 one to remember!!

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Imagination Is The Key To Success

Diary Extract – 6/9/11


As I lay there, the world felt as though it stood still but only the ebb and flow off the tide remained. I lay on the shoreline with the waves lapping against my feet and my head resting on my sand pillow. I breathed in sync with the waves and as I looked out to see it seemed neverending. Expecatations, goals and deadlines filled my head.

Its always good to set yourself goals and ambitions but not depend on them to the point where you feel like you’re drowning because they’re unaccomplished. To ask and know you will receive is the way it should be but I’ll be the first to say its not an easy thing to do. You must always ask what you want with your whole heart and believe you will get it, if there are doubts you have to ask again with full faith. As I looked up at the clear blue sky I whispered to Allah, “You know what I want and I know you will only give me what’s good for me.” with that came so much release. Every time I exhaled I released my negativity, I felt each wave touch me and carry my worries millions of miles away with it.

Sometimes we get impatient but we have to remember that once we’ve put our dreams, wishes and desires out there, they will be answered if they’re meant for us. If not, we have to put faith in God or the Universe or whatever Ultimate Power you believe in to guide us to our chosen path.

As I lay there I realised just how much I love the ocean, the sound of the waves splashing and somersaulting. I grabbed handfuls of sand and squeezed it out of my hands like clay. The waves raced to fill the holes I’d made and I lay there smiling, because I could 🙂