Valentines Day In Dubai

Lost for things to do this Valentines day? Even if your single you will definitely not be short of things to do because in Dubai we even have anti-valentines nights! Here is a 411 of some of my favourite things going on with gift ideas and exclusive offers for him and her

Valentines Exclusives

My favourite one stop shop for sunglasses, Sunglass Hut, is having an avant-première of the new Ray-Ban Full Metal Round until February 14th. Two gorgeous colourways will be exclusively available at Sunglass Hut before they hit other retailers so if you are a sun-glass fanatic like me, get them first. A stunning combination of brown and shiny gold with gold-pink mirrored lenses and shiny black with polar green lenses. I absolutely love the pink ones!


My Little Pleasures has announced the launch of its first box of 2017 simplifying the way to express love. If you are stuck for something to get your partner, why not get her this:xoxo-2This Valentine, the perfect gift is just a few clicks away. The carefully selected products in My Little Pleasures’ most recent box offer something to everyone. You literally subscribe online and pay 199 AED and the box arrives to your door! I think it is such a great idea as people are always stuck for gift ideas or you could just gift yourself haha.

The box contains Terre de Lumière Eau de Parfum by L’Occitane with its honey, lavender and notes of musk. Additionally, Pivoine Sublime face cream and Pivoine Flora hand cream also by L’Occitane. M.A.C cosmetics is as well featured in the box with two must-have products this Valentines, the Dazzleglass/Creamsheen Glass and the Studio Nail Lacquer. From Palmer’s we have a set of their signature body lotions and finally two more surprises from My Little Pleasures’ collectables. Seriously what more could a girl want?!

Get Pampered

I am sure you are familiar with the hair salon Jet-Set and one of my favourite nail salons N-Bar. They are celebrating ‘loving yourself’ this Valentine’s Day so get your girls together or spoil yourself with exclusive offers for the whole month of February.

If you top up your colour and highlights during February, you will receive a complimentary Kerastase Hair Treatment throughout the month of love. The luxe care treatment soothes, replenishes and re-beautifies luscious locks so you can go from salon to shopping.

Beauty salon, N.Bar is celebrating with the ‘PS I Love Me’ package launched specially for Valentine’s Day and running through the year. Relax and unwind with three manicures, three pedicures and three head, neck and shoulder massages at a reduced cost of AED 490, instead of AED 585 making it a perfect present for a friend or partner.

For Him

Men also love being pampered and its a great way to get your man groomed to perfection! The Art of Shaving has been  a creator and  purveyor of the finest shaving and grooming products for men. Buy any TAOS product this February for a chance to win 1000 AED worth of gift vouchers. Luxury Club members will receive double points on
purchases made between February 6th and 28th. The Art of Shaving is exclusively available at selected Paris Gallery stores in the UAE.

Love and Music

Nothing greater then the gift of song, Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival is offering a special discounted rate of 20 percent on all tickets to music fans and avid supporters of the event available for 48 hours only. Guests can avail 20 percent off starting from Monday, 13th Feb at 9:00 am to Wednesday, 15th Feb at 9:00 am on the tickets available for purchase (excluding the VIP TABLES in the SKYBOX). Mariah Carey, Tom Jones and Enrique Eglesias, what more could you ask for?

Valentines/Anti-Valentines night out:

Looking for somewhere to go on your date night? The W Dubai is having a Valentine’s Day brunch and the poolside bar Wet Deck will be throwing an anti-Valentine’s Day party where for Dhs295, from 8pm to midnight, guests will get unlimited drinks and canapés. They have something for everyone! If you wanna avoid all the PDA you can just head to Tribeca for an Anti-Valentines party or even to the single ladies night in Delphine in H-hotel, who knows you might just find your prince charming.

For the cheesy couples amongst you, Level 43 is having a Prom night so dust off your prom-dress and head to this rooftop bar with your date for the evening. One lucky couple will even be crowned Prom King and Queen. The ticket price also includes a three-course set menu as well as a bottle of grape to share.
Dhs600 per couple. 7pm-10pm. Four Points by Sheraton Sheikh Zayed Road (056 212 4413).

The One That Got Away Was Supposed To

I just read this piece on by Skylar Rack and loved it. Its really well written and I think she makes a really good point that you should never stay with someone who really isn’t worth it. I especially think its always important to recognize when something is good for you and when it is not. Although it may seem hard, give yourself the opportunity to choose happiness and walk away.

Like many stories, it all started out as young love. My tale features two bright-eyed 17-year-old kids, spending summer days boating on the lake and winter nights laid up, cozy by the fire.

Conversations included pouring our hearts out at 3 am, telling each other that going to two different colleges in the fall could never undo a love like what we had.

Maybe if we went to the same university rather than ones two hours apart, things would be different and we would still be together. But, guess what? There really was never a chance of that happening, and that’s okay.

I’m currently a second-semester senior, reflecting on the last four years of my life: the friends I’ve made, the memories I wouldn’t trade for the world and all of the lessons I’ve learned.

I never thought it would take me almost four years to realize that the guy into whom I foolishly put all my faith was never really mine, and I was never really his.

We broke up a handful of times between freshman year and the fall of senior year, and the reasons were always the same. It would start off as drifting away — texting less, missing Skype dates, fewer phone calls, no more weekend visits.

Then, after a few weeks, he would tell me we needed to break up because this was all too unfair to do to me, and that he’s just too busy to keep me happy.

I always heard him out, but I didn’t always understand. Was I really that hard to keep happy? Was sending a handful of texts a day really that hard? Was I really not worth a thought every now and then?

Eventually, a few weeks would always go by and he would come back to me, crying to reconcile, and I would give in. We would briefly discuss what went wrong, and he would tell me he would try harder to not be so selfish. Of course, I believed him.

The months we would then spend as a couple again would feel just like the good old times, but it was never long before the creeping sensation of something missing would fill up my gut, and I imagine his as well.

I would start to feel extra insecure about how strong his feelings were for me, we would bicker more and I would notice his promises of keeping me happy fading away as each week passed.

I found myself sacrificing huge needs in order to keep him around. I would tell him no phone calls during the week was fine, we would just text more. Then, once the texting halted, I forced myself to believe that we were okay with talking every other day.

I fooled myself into believing that he really wanted to be with me because he told me he did, and more importantly, he told me he loved me. This, I realize fully now but tried to deny then, was so crazy pathetic on my part.

The time finally came when I could not take it anymore. We had just returned from a not-so-perfect trip to Jamaica and were about to head back to school to start our senior years. We promised to see each other the second weekend of school, but we just couldn’t last until then.

The same old excuses from him came up again — that he just couldn’t make any time for me, couldn’t send me a text during the day because he was too busy and couldn’t call me because he lost his phone. I had had enough.

I finally stood up for myself and told him that I couldn’t be with someone who was too selfish to fulfill my simplest needs in a relationship.

I was tired of the lying, tired of trying to get his attention, tired of trying to be someone who I just wasn’t just to keep an egotistical guy around in my life.

Why was I putting all of my effort into a relationship that felt like torture when it was clear that he would never give me all of himself in the first place?

We cut off contact that day and haven’t spoken since. I would like to say that it was an easy thing to bounce back from, but there were the typical nights of binge-drinking, bottles of wine and staying buried under my covers with Netflix.

Now, I’ve come to the point of realizing that the relationship was mostly filled with suppressing my intuition and far too much immaturity to ever make it.

The fact that he was never meant to stay in my life was just one of the few lessons I’ve learned on my journey thus far.

After a lot of downtime and self-reflection, here’s some of the best advice I can give to anyone who has felt this way:

Do not expect a selfish guy to make you a priority in his life.

EVER. It does not matter if you are 16, 25 or 45 — a selfish guy may tell you what you want to hear and could even believe it himself for a short amount of time.

But, nothing will get in the way of himself, not even a sweetie like you. There will probably be repercussions for trying.

Stick to your guns.

Do not let someone sway you to feel a certain way, no matter what. Love is blind, very, very blind. But I promise, your intuition always knows when something is not right for you.

Let it guide you, and do not give up anything that you know is necessary for your personal happiness. Say you’re angry when you’re angry, and tell someone when you feel like you might have gotten the short end of the stick. Being meek in life gets you nowhere.

Real life will never live up to the expectations in your head.

Girls create straight-up fantasies how their lives will go: Marry your college sweetheart, have some kids and perhaps a nice crib in the suburbs. Nah, girl. Life will throw you curveballs, and your expectations will smack you right in the face with reality. Learn to take it for all that it’s worth.

Never wait around for something that may never happen.

I wanted to tell myself that he would be the perfect guy once we were done with college and worrying about distance, but obviously I needed Cupid to pull his arrow out of my ass. When someone shows you his or her true colors, believe it.

The only thing that’s true about that movie, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” is that he really probably just isn’t that into you.

Realize the power is always in your hands; choose happiness.

Things could always be worse. If losing a crappy guy was the worst thing to happen to you, see it as a blessing. You want people around you who will lift you up and make you realize your full potential. Create happiness around you, and tell all your potential haters, “Bye, Felicia.”

I need to end this by saying that being selfish at a young age is not necessarily a bad thing, but I do believe that when a person knows he or she only wants to focus on him or herself, it is beyond unfair to bring a romantic interest into your mess.

I personally believe time spent alone and single is vital at a young age, but I also know that sharing different stages of your life with someone special can be just as beneficial.

Know where you stand on the spectrum, but also remember heartbreak will always come and go during your life. Always take away a lesson from it.

Yes, it started out as young love, and that’s where it stayed. It never had the chance to mature or to become wiser because one of us was not ready for that commitment. And, that’s okay.

Because now, I get to do that on my own.