Adele – Hello

Sooo excited when I saw Adele had uploaded a new video for her song Hello, in fact I was the 10th view woohoooo lol. Well you know a song is amazing when it makes you think things you never even knew you could think about again…you will see what I mean after watching this:

Better and Better

Check out my boy Jay Betts new music video, he just keeps getting Better and Better!! Here is what he had to say about it:

“The song touches on parts of my childhood where I used music to process and overcome the challenges ahead of Me, which is what I still do to this day. The video runs those two stories simultaneously, and at the end the boy meets the man.

The notion is that you’re always learning and always moving forward as long as you stay on your path, your getting Better and Better”

Here at Zizzle, we LOVE an inspiring message, Enjoy the clip ❤

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Same Love

I still LOVE this song! The words are amazing and so raw and real and I love how Macklemore & Ryan Lewis talk about relevant issues and how so many people face the constraints of stereotypes. They highlight how we blindly say things without realising we are hurting people and how on a daily basis people can be so hateful for no reason.

Think before you speak and don’t ever change for anyone ❤

Beyonce collaborates with H&M


H&M’s new For Water campaign is another eco-friendly line, 25% of all sales will go towards sustainable water projects. I am a MASSIVE Beyonce fan so was really excited to see Beyonce on board and she looks stunning as ever in the ad campaign! She endorses their Summer 2013 line,  Beyonce as Mrs Carter in H&M. Here is a video documenting her shoot with H&M

You can see her finished video campaign here:

Beyonce in H&M Summer Collection