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I just heard this little birdie is flying to Dubai! We can’t get enough of her feel good music ❤

Micellaire Water


Micellaire water has infiltrated the beauty industry’s shelves and after using this magical product I want to know how it removes make-up so easily while claiming to be packed with natural ingredients. Is it really as good for our skin as we think?

I have been using Biodermas Micellaire water for a few years now and I have been really happy with the results. It feels gentle on the skin, removes make-up really easily and unlike other removers leaves your skin oil-free. It is great for oily skin, actually it has the texture of water so its great for all skin types. The formula was created in the 90’s in Paris to help Parisian women have an alternative to the regions harsh water. I decided to research this formula because I personally could not believe that it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals as the way it strips your make-up is insane! Darphin’s Education Manager, Emma Schulz, says ‘micellaire cleansing waters have mostly been adapted for sensitive skin and have been formulated with mild and non-irritating surfactants, suitable thanks to their gentleness.’ I find with Bioderma’s Micellaire water, if I wear full make-up, I need 5 cotton pads before I can wipe my face and there is no residue however yesterday I tried Sephora’s and after 2 pads my face was squeaky clean! It felt so gentle but I kept thinking there must be paint stripper in it because I was literally amazed.

Having researched its origins I know that they were trying to create something less harsh then water so it obviously does have minimal chemicals however each brand has their own formula. Sephora’s Micellaire water has a few more chemicals in it and a lot more natural things too actually, but just generally more ingredients. Bioderma’s is created for sensitive skin and so ingredients are simple and minimal, I personally have decided to keep both products stocked on my beauty shelf. After a night out I start taking off my make-up and can’t be bothered to finish because I am exhausted so after one or two cotton pads I get into bed. I will save Sephora’s Micellaire for those nights and use Bioderma’s when I have more time to remove my make-up. That reminds me, I bought a Clarisonic which achieves a make-up free exfoliated face in one minute so obviously that is my other option but I need a separate Clarisonic blog so you can hear about that next time.

For all my party girls…and lazy girls, grab yourself a bottle of Micellaire, there are many brands that make them but these are the two I have tried and tested. Banish those cleansing wipes from your skincare regime, they are NOT good for your skin. If you use them because they are easy and save time, instead place some cotton pads in a zip lock bag and pour in some micellaire water so they are ready for those nights when you just can’t be bothered.

Stubborn make-up can be easily removed however for waterproof make-up I still recommend using an eye make-up remover, micellaire does say that it can be used on eyes but I still find mascara hard to remove and rubbing lashes too much is not good for them. For the last few weeks I haven’t been using an eye make-up remover, just washing my face and micellaire for any residue but my lashes have reduced dramatically in thickness. If you know me, you know my lashes are probably my best physical attribute and sadly I neglected them. When you sleep in mascara it blocks your hair follicles which doesn’t allow new lashes to come through. It also makes lashes brittle and is just a BIG NO NO!! The oils in eye make-up removers are actually good for your lashes, they condition them overnight. I use Olive Oil to remove waterproof make-up, its great and 100% natural.

Using cotton wool is a good technique, Emma explains: ‘The use of cotton pads plays a major role in why they are so effective at removing makeup. Cotton is hydrophilic, and when you pour the micellar solution on the cotton pad, the hydrophilic heads are attracted to the cotton, leaving the hydrophobic tails sticking up to trap oil, wax based substances and dirt, like makeup and sebum. When applied to skin, micellar water and cotton pads cleanse the skin by acting like a magnet, attracting and entrapping impurities without harsh rubbing or scraping.’ This can be backed up by Bernard Pochic a trainer for Bioderma “Micelles are molecules that are made of fatty-acid esters,When you use a cleansing pad, the micelles deploy,” he says. Basically, the composition of the molecules makes them brilliant at trapping and gobbling up make-up, dust and pollution.

In conclusion Micellaire had no scaries hiding in the ingredient list, nothing harmful and it is as gentle as it says. Let me know if you have tried any other brands that you would recommend.

Zohra x

Urban Decay All In One BB Cream


We just had to share this product with you! If you love the idea of slicing your morning makeup routine in half, it’s time for you to join in on the beauty balm craze that shot straight up to the top of our must-have products with Urban Decay’s first BB cream. Aside from smoothing skin like a primer, covering blemishes, moisturizing, toning, and brightening (as if those reasons weren’t enough!), the light beige tint is universal. Its factor 20 sun protection make it perfect for the summer, unlike foundation that feels like its melting in the heat, it literally just feels like a light moisturiser.

Bobbi Browns BB cream is another favourite, it gives more coverage but is slightly harder work to blend, you can get away with swapping it for an evening foundation whereas Urban Decays gives you that barely there (or should we say NAKED) day look!

My Princess Diana Story

When I was 5 years old I had a bet with a Princess and I ended up helping her open the Early Years Unit of my Primary School….

All sorts of people in suits wandered in and out of the classroom while I sat colouring in my flower. The room kept flashing as the photographers took random snaps. A lady walked in, she had a lot of suited men behind her and stood chatting with my headmaster. She looked at me and I smiled at her, she walked over and sat on the empty chair beside me, her legs were too long to fit under the little table so she turned her chair towards me.

“Hello, whats your name?”,

“I’m Zohra” I said as I continued colouring in.

“Are you going to be doing anything in todays assembly?” I dropped my pencil and looked up beaming

“I’m going to be doing the main speech for Princess Diana”,

I remember my exact tone of voice, I was like a boasting little brat. I was so proud that of all the children in my school I was chosen to do her speech. She smiled at me encouragingly,

“what are you going to say?”

“Your Royal Highness, please may I ask you to open Broadwater Schools Early Years Unit, Thank You… and then I have to curtsey”

I wasn’t very happy about the curtsey…its a complicated manouevre when your five and it just felt weird.

“Wow, well I have a secret to tell you…I am Princess Diana”

I looked at her for a few seconds then screwed up my nose while smiling at her almost questioningly,

“No your not!”,

“I am” she giggled.

I studied her lilac suit, The jacket had gold buttons and the pencil skirt had a small slit at the back “But you don’t have a pretty princess dress or a crown!”

She laughed, she had this very gentle manner and she leaned towards me, I remember she had really blue twinkly eyes,

“lets make a bet Zohra, If you do your speech and it is me standing at the front, you have to come and help me do the opening!”

I studied her from head to toe, she smiled at me the whole time intrigued by how I was analyzing her, I know really she probably wanted to laugh at me but I was convinced she was not a princess.

“Ok” I agreed to her bet.

As we lined up to go into assembly my heart was racing, there were so many people and the side of the hall was just rows of photographers. As we walked out I was blinded by the flashes, I took my position on the podium. I began looking around nervously through the herds of people for my mum. I spotted her and waved, my headmaster, Mr Shepheard smiled at me and nodded as if to wish me luck. Then he began speaking for the assembly and I spotted the woman in lilac sitting in the front row, I was looking around for the princess but I figured she would enter in her horse and carriage when it was time.

All the performances began, songs and dances and poems and then the headmaster invited her Royal Highness onto the stage. My jaw dropped, the lady in lilac stood up and smiled at me through the crowds of people, I was at the very back of the hall on a podium and she was at the front. Her invitation on stage was my cue to say my speech. I had been practicing for weeks, I was supposed to look at her and project and articulate but I was so embarassed I looked down for most of it and then I looked up at her at the end and curtseyed. She gestured for me to come forward and everybody in the hall turned around to look at who she was calling. I kept nodding NO NO NO I was moving my head left and right and I did not want to go. All the cameras were pointing at me and I remember not only being embarassed but I thought I was in a lot of trouble because I told the princess she didnt have princess clothes! Also I told her my whole speech and I don’t think she was supposed to hear it until the assembly.

She began walking towards me with her hand out and a teacher standing next to me extended her hand to help me off the podium “go on Zohra, shes calling you”. It was the longest walk of my life, I had to walk right by the photographers and I was really scared but she was standing there smiling at me. As I reached her she saw how scared I was and bent down and carried me in her arms, she gave me a little squeeze,

“dont worry darling” she whispered in my ear “your gonna help me do the opening I can’t do it by myself”.

I smiled at her and realised she wasn’t going to tell anyone, She carried me to the curtained plaque and told me to hold the drawstring with her, I put my hand under hers and she pulled to unveil the Early Years Unit plaque. I still felt really shy, I was biting my lip in all the pictures and when I say all the pictures…there were a lot. I was on the front page of every british newspaper, plus all the news channels were showing the story of “The 5 year Old Star Who Befriended Princess Diana”. Nobody knew why she called me forward, nobody knew about the bet or what I had said and I was too scared to tell anyone so I just let people think she just took a natural shining to me haha. She wrote a letter to my school a few days later, I was called into the headmasters office and I was panicking! He read it to me, she had enjoyed her visit and particularly enjoyed meeting me. I realised she was my friend despite what I said to her so that day I went home and told my mum what I had done, she laughed. My mum invited her home for tea (I’m NOT joking) she said she would love to but she was leaving for Zambia, the news backed her up, we saw her in Zambia a few days later lol.

I was 5 years old but I remember every detail of that day, I remember her expressions, her voice, the pride, the fear and the embarassment haha. I remember this boy was supposed to give her flowers but because everyone thought she really liked me they took them away from him and made me give them to her and he was crying and I felt really bad. So the truth is out, she liked me because I was a blunt little brat haha. I googled the picture of me but it has a watermark lol (I have got some filed away in London).

Are You Really Happy?

Yesterday one of my aunts said I should go back to my spiritual writing and sharing my simple life lessons. I still write them I just haven’t shared in a while so here are a few pages of my June 2013 diary to feast on…

Sometimes its important to stop and take a minute to analyse your life – work, love and your social life. Do you feel any of these areas could be more fulfilling? Often people just blindly carry on, they are comfortable and getting by…is that enough? Sometime we have to lose someone to realise the value of life, if your life was ending tomorrow would you be happy with the way you lived?

We need to understand that happiness has various degrees, some happiness has no depth. The moment you stop smiling, your happiness fleets and you are back to a monotonic empty way of life. Is it enough that you laugh a couple of times a day? How do you feel when you are alone? Often when we are alone we can determine how we truly feel because we have no outside influences. You should be happy in your own company, I know people who can’t stand to be alone. Often when we are alone we feel the reality of this emptyness in our lives. I’ve felt it before too and I remember it being horrible. With happiness comes security, when you are happy within yourself you don’t care what others think. A friend of mine called me the other day and asked what I was doing, I said I’m at Ski Dubai, skiing. She was SHOCKED, “your alone? What if you fall?” I did fall! I laughed and got back up haha. I  enjoy my own company, that particular day I just wanted to enjoy skiing so I didn’t feel it necessary to ask anyone to come with me. I know there were times when I would have never considered doing something like that because when your not happy in yourself other peoples opinions matter because you’re insecure. You don’t want people to judge you or think your a loner or whatever but when your happy, you know who you are and thats all that matters. People who judge me by something like that have no place in my life anyway. I have great friends and family and they are who matter to me “those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind (Bernard Baruch)”

Decisions are scary…we all avoid decisions that lead to change because of a fear of the unknown, but taking that plunge may be the best thing you do.

If you work a job you hate, why not look at other options? If you hate where you live…why not make a viable plan to move? I don’t get why people think its bizarre to just up and leave…this is a time when things are very possible, its not like you have to arrange a horse and cart, or boat to move overseas (thats what my granparents had to do, that would be a way harder choice but still…you gotta do what you gotta do!) you can just hop on a plane!

If you are in a relationship that you think is unbalanced or one sided or you are just comfortable…why settle? We only have one life! As I wrote the other day “Unless its mad, passionate or extraordinary love, its a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life, love shouldn’t be one of them!”
Its ok to have high standards, its ok to expect everything to be wonderful because as long as you believe in it, it will materialise. I’m not saying its easy but nothing thats really worth it is and I always fight for what I believe in. Quitting your job or leaving someone you love, can leave you shrouded in darkness, but YOU need to find the light again. Just stay focussed on a picture of the job/friend circle/relationship you want and slowly you will make changes to make that situation materialise (the law of attraction).

The people who regret decisions are those who keep looking back at what they left behind (I’ve been there too!) If you feel depressed, think about what you have done to change your life in a positive way. What steps are YOU taking to enrich your life with happiness? Our degree of happiness depends on US. Don’t blame others, nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent!

If you think you deserve a wonderful life, make a decision and follow through!