Be Original


Interview with Kiesza

I can only describe Kiesza as a bundle of energy, she was such fun to be around and clearly a born entertainer. She got up and showed us some of her moves, told her stories so animatedly, she was warm and bubbly and we had a blast hearing her brain-farts (as she calls them) and getting the scoop on her style tips and beauty buys.

She greeted me with a warm hug and the jet-lag talk got me wondering what her favourite city was, one of the perks of being a performer must be getting to travel the world, “Ooh thats hard… Rome! It was like a museum walking through it but I had a chance to actually explore it. Dubai’s really cool though! Will decide if its my new favourite city after my safari this afternoon.” She seemed really excited for it and it looked like she enjoyed it from the video she posted on her Facebook of her singing to camels!

Travelling is always a good excuse to get your nose stuck in a book, I wondered what sort of books she read and was quite surprised when she said “Jane Austen is classic and I love the guy who wrote In Cold Blood…I’m having a brain fart I can’t remember his name! Truman Capote!” She’s very off the wall and obsessed with unicorns so I was expecting her to name some fantasy authors but guess everyone loves a bit of Jane Austen.

She styled her tracksuit really well, it was grey and she had mint green high-top Reebok trainers on with a flash of her mint green vest under her t-shirt, very understated but she looked so stylish with her quirky hairdo. “Right lets talk Style!” I said, I knew she had some pearls of wisdom to share, “Be original, don’t be afraid to use different things together and to take risks with fashion because it’s the risks that make people stand out.” So true! I tried to squeeze out her Beauty Buys while on the subject “I love lip chap! I do love MAC eye-shadow and their lipstick is really good too.” She is from Canada so its no surprise that shes a MAC girl.

Her energy was incredible, “I can walk on my hands!” She told me that was her party trick but I knew if I had asked her she probably would have! I asked her the most embarrassing thing that had happened to her and she said “In high school someone Pantsed me”, confused, I asked her to explain what that meant. “When somebody runs up to you and pulls your pants down, so yea that was embarrassing, thankfully I was wearing boxers but in high school you don’t want that to happen to you, guess it could have been a lot worse!” We had a good laugh and then it was time for her to go, short but sweet, it was a pleasure talking to Kiesza! We will leave you grooving to her latest video clip

Micellaire Water


Micellaire water has infiltrated the beauty industry’s shelves and after using this magical product I want to know how it removes make-up so easily while claiming to be packed with natural ingredients. Is it really as good for our skin as we think?

I have been using Biodermas Micellaire water for a few years now and I have been really happy with the results. It feels gentle on the skin, removes make-up really easily and unlike other removers leaves your skin oil-free. It is great for oily skin, actually it has the texture of water so its great for all skin types. The formula was created in the 90’s in Paris to help Parisian women have an alternative to the regions harsh water. I decided to research this formula because I personally could not believe that it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals as the way it strips your make-up is insane! Darphin’s Education Manager, Emma Schulz, says ‘micellaire cleansing waters have mostly been adapted for sensitive skin and have been formulated with mild and non-irritating surfactants, suitable thanks to their gentleness.’ I find with Bioderma’s Micellaire water, if I wear full make-up, I need 5 cotton pads before I can wipe my face and there is no residue however yesterday I tried Sephora’s and after 2 pads my face was squeaky clean! It felt so gentle but I kept thinking there must be paint stripper in it because I was literally amazed.

Having researched its origins I know that they were trying to create something less harsh then water so it obviously does have minimal chemicals however each brand has their own formula. Sephora’s Micellaire water has a few more chemicals in it and a lot more natural things too actually, but just generally more ingredients. Bioderma’s is created for sensitive skin and so ingredients are simple and minimal, I personally have decided to keep both products stocked on my beauty shelf. After a night out I start taking off my make-up and can’t be bothered to finish because I am exhausted so after one or two cotton pads I get into bed. I will save Sephora’s Micellaire for those nights and use Bioderma’s when I have more time to remove my make-up. That reminds me, I bought a Clarisonic which achieves a make-up free exfoliated face in one minute so obviously that is my other option but I need a separate Clarisonic blog so you can hear about that next time.

For all my party girls…and lazy girls, grab yourself a bottle of Micellaire, there are many brands that make them but these are the two I have tried and tested. Banish those cleansing wipes from your skincare regime, they are NOT good for your skin. If you use them because they are easy and save time, instead place some cotton pads in a zip lock bag and pour in some micellaire water so they are ready for those nights when you just can’t be bothered.

Stubborn make-up can be easily removed however for waterproof make-up I still recommend using an eye make-up remover, micellaire does say that it can be used on eyes but I still find mascara hard to remove and rubbing lashes too much is not good for them. For the last few weeks I haven’t been using an eye make-up remover, just washing my face and micellaire for any residue but my lashes have reduced dramatically in thickness. If you know me, you know my lashes are probably my best physical attribute and sadly I neglected them. When you sleep in mascara it blocks your hair follicles which doesn’t allow new lashes to come through. It also makes lashes brittle and is just a BIG NO NO!! The oils in eye make-up removers are actually good for your lashes, they condition them overnight. I use Olive Oil to remove waterproof make-up, its great and 100% natural.

Using cotton wool is a good technique, Emma explains: ‘The use of cotton pads plays a major role in why they are so effective at removing makeup. Cotton is hydrophilic, and when you pour the micellar solution on the cotton pad, the hydrophilic heads are attracted to the cotton, leaving the hydrophobic tails sticking up to trap oil, wax based substances and dirt, like makeup and sebum. When applied to skin, micellar water and cotton pads cleanse the skin by acting like a magnet, attracting and entrapping impurities without harsh rubbing or scraping.’ This can be backed up by Bernard Pochic a trainer for Bioderma “Micelles are molecules that are made of fatty-acid esters,When you use a cleansing pad, the micelles deploy,” he says. Basically, the composition of the molecules makes them brilliant at trapping and gobbling up make-up, dust and pollution.

In conclusion Micellaire had no scaries hiding in the ingredient list, nothing harmful and it is as gentle as it says. Let me know if you have tried any other brands that you would recommend.

Zohra x

Love Don’t Let Me Go

This is a song that will forever be on my playlist and I love it for every occasion! I think this was David Guetta at his best, Its on ALL my playlists, work out, get outta bed, party, feel good, shower and I still want to dance every time I hear it. I remember the first time I saw this music video was probably the first time I saw Parkour and I was so gripped watching it. Its just a song that is really good for raising your energy frequency ❤

Same Love

I still LOVE this song! The words are amazing and so raw and real and I love how Macklemore & Ryan Lewis talk about relevant issues and how so many people face the constraints of stereotypes. They highlight how we blindly say things without realising we are hurting people and how on a daily basis people can be so hateful for no reason.

Think before you speak and don’t ever change for anyone ❤

A Glam 20 minute make-over


I loved this makeover because Amber is such a girl next door character that it was fun to see her glammed up. Her daily make-up regime is a liquid liner and a little mascara and actually that is more then enough to make her look great. I wanted a look that would surprise her so I decided to open her eyes up by putting a dark shadow in the crease of her eye lid. I used a beige Givenchy liner inside her water line and a dark brown eye pencil under her lower lash line. This creates the illusion of bigger eyes and Amber had never tried it before but she loved it.

It is often difficult to find the best red lipstick to suit your skin tone and its just a case of experimenting, In winter I like deeper reds as I am less tanned which creates a nice contrast but in summer I can get away with more corals and orangey reds. Amber could pull of a bright red lipstick perfectly and as I had used light golden tones on her eyes, a bright lip didn’t overwhelm her face. I finished with some bronzer on her cheeks and a subtle contour down the centre of her nose.